Experienced Life
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2020-07-26 18:14:45 (UTC)

sometimes I need to slow the hell down💤

It's hot out but I needed to kick back and slow my roll. Yeah, I always got a plan. Even on days off I got a schedule of sorts. Well, I did the same thing today till I finally noticed myself. Sometimes, life don't need to be so organized with a to do list. This afternoon is that day.

Caught myself going through my list mentally. Went to the store and opened up my Alexa shopping list. People just scurrying here and there. Looking and wondering what these people have to do until I myself saw I'm doing the exact same thing.

So when I got home, I decided to head out back and just lay on my hammock, play some music, let the breeze cool me off from the shaded but still hot day. Dozed off from time-to-time. Glad I did. Perfect day to just be a lazy ass.