Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-07-26 20:23:35 (UTC)

What life is this??

What life am I living in? I have nothing to excited about. The guy who was to call us to talk dint call back. God knows why and also we decided to not ask him. My sis says he was trying to talk and fool or something but i donno. I guess it's all my bad time. I sent interest to many guys today. I also feel selfish of doing it and leaving minku alone but he left me with no choice. Even now he is not there, not trying. It's absolutely unfair of him to do this with me. Why would I not look for my good? I don't think this is being selfish. I miss him though.

I guess this match making is going to take few pretty months and my patience. Job???? Aaahhh dnt ask. Fuck everything.