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2020-07-25 16:52:23 (UTC)

Finally hung up my picture frames 😋

I went FB shopping awhile ago. I saw this picture frame and really liked it. I stole a pic of it and used it for my profile pic on this account. Now I finally hung up the real thang on my family room. It was smudged from where my old sofa used to be so it was fugly looking anyway. I kinda like it. I'm not an artsy fartsy kind of guy but this picture or array of picture frames somewhat speaks to me. lol

Last Friday, I was at work and decided to take a break and walk around the walkway that's between my building and the one next to it. It was nice and relaxing to see all the greenery. It made me miss my friend that passed away though. We'd be walking together talking about our lives and such. Oh well, it was still a nice walk and sitting down on one of the benches was much nicer than sitting in my cubicle in my office.

I managed to get up early today on a Saturday!! Can you believe that? I made it to the last gym session and met my two gym peeps there. The ones that photo bombed me way back when. A time before covid. They grabbed my phone and took pics of themselves. lol. The one on the left has the same first name as my ex gf. I gave her crap about it and told her to tell her parents they picked a crappy name for her. All in teasing of course but now we are cool friend-a-mies. Dunno. Made that up. Sorta like friends but teasing each other everytime we see each other. The other one is really nice too. Her husband is a pastor.

I did hear a funny joke on the radio and I'm stealing it and posting here to get you folks to smile. It goes like this.
"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against a woman". haha. It was funny to me.

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