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2020-07-25 14:20:24 (UTC)

Air Wick: Another World (3,239 wds)

Air Wick: Another World
D’Arc Tangent

Clarissa Morgan plugged in her new air freshener. For years she had been using the old-style cone shaped fresheners, but they were obtrusive, and did not really last very long. The new style plugged into an unobtrusive outlet in the corner of her room, and she could smell the pleasant spring meadow scent flourishing throughout the room within minutes.

Clarissa lay on the sofa, closed her eyes, and could feel herself relax, like an aromatherapy candle, she slowly drifted off into a peaceful space in her mind. With her eyes closed, she could smell the field of wildflowers, then, she could almost hear the birds in the sky over head, and the chittering of field animals. She opened her eyes, and found she was not laying on her sofa, but in the tall grass of a field. Above her was clear blue sky, and odd-looking birds. She stood up and looked around, deeply aware she was no longer in her living room, but having no idea where she actually was, but at the same time, she did not feel fear about this strange new world she was in. It must be a dream, obviously, so she felt maybe exploring this dreamscape would be fun.

Walking through the tall grass, letting her fingers brush against the tips of the grass, as the odd-looking birds flew overhead, Clarissa took in all the amazing sights, sounds, and scents of this amazing new world, until the wide field of grass and blue cornflowers ended at a large, clear, blue lake. She could see the other side way off in the distance, but for as far as the eye could see, along the coast, and across the lake, she could see nothing. No people, no settlements. No boats or raft, or any kind of craft, land water or air, all around was peaceful and quiet.

Clarissa looked around once more, and satisfied she was alone, she started to undress. She was still wearing the plaid cotton shirt and jeans she had on when she lay down on the sofa, which she thought if this was a dream, she should have dreamt herself into something more interesting, but thought, “What the hell.” and undid the buttons on her shirt, then shrugging it off her shoulders, she folded it nicely and placed it on the ground. She took off her runners, and stuffed her socks into them, placing them beside her shirt. Next, she slid her jeans over her hips, and again, folded them nicely to lay atop her shirt. Next came her bra and panties, and they too joined the pile. Feeling a little self-conscious, she made yet another look around, and positive she was alone, waded out into the lake.

The water was cold, and her nipples pebbled immediately as she sank deeper and deeper into the water. Ince her body acclimated to the water; she swam out further, then floated on her back, enjoying the warm sun on her body, and the cool water enveloping her. It was heaven. So freeing. So daring. She had never done anything like this before, and it thrilled her. As she lay floating on her back, her body cooled, as if a cloud had passed over her, and when she opened her eyes, the sun was blocked by the shape of a huge winged creature that was quickly descending on her. Clarissa screamed then suddenly the talons gripped her body, large enough to grasp her whole body in its claws and fly up into the sky as she screamed.

As her throat became horse from the screaming, she stopped, trying to catch her breath when she thought she heard something whiz past her, then the huge bird-creature screamed and dropped her. Screaming again as she fell, she struggled to position her body so she did not hit the lake flat on her back, and managed to hit the water feet first, cutting through the surface into the icy depths. She could feel her consciousness going black, then was somehow aware of being dragged, but did not know where. Soon, she felt herself breaking the surface. Felt the sun on her face, and still the feel of strong arms around her was present. Soon the she felt the sensation of being carried, and when she opened her eyes to the blazing sun, she was aware of long blonde hair flowing around a tanned and rugged face, and the feel of muscles holding her, then slowly being lowered to the ground.

As her eyes readjusted to the light, they focused on the muscular, long hair man who had just saved her from drowning.

“Are you alright?” he said.

“You, you speak English?” she asked.

“I speak my language.” he said, “The same language you are speaking.”

Clarissa suddenly sat up, and was very aware she was completely naked and covered her breasts with her arms.

“What happened?” she said, fear now setting in.

“You were swimming, when a ROC attacked you.”

“What is a rock?” Clarissa asked.

“Roc,” he said, “A giant, predatory bird. I just arrived at the lake to bathe, when I saw it take you. I shot it, it dropped you, and I dove in to rescue you.”

“I am very thankful that you did,” Clarissa said, “But do you happen to have something I can cover myself with? I feel awfully exposed like this.”

The man grabbed a blanket from the ground, and wrapped it around Clarissa’s shoulders.

“Aleutia.” he said.

“Thank you?” Clarissa said in response to the strange word.

“No, Aleutia is my name.” he corrected.

“Clarissa.” she responded, and held her hand out from under the blanket, and Aleutia took it in his and squeezed it gently in his, then pulled her to him, and kissed her.

Clarissa pushed him away.

“What the fuck!” she said.

“You held your hand to me.” Aleutia said, “You wanted me to take you.”

“I was offering my hand in friendship asshole.” she said, “Look, I am glad that you saved me, but that doesn’t mean you get to have your way with me.”

Aleutia looked confused, then stood up, and Clarissa was suddenly aware that he was also naked, and, well she was seriously reconsidering his advances. When it became clear that his chivalry did not extend to helping her up, Clarissa stood on her own, wrapping the blanket tightly around herself.

“Where are my clothes?” she asked, as she watched Aleutia slide on a pair of leather pants, and a white linen shirt.

“No idea.” Aleutia said, “Where did you leave them?”

“I, I don’t know. I don’t even know where I am. I woke up here, wherever HERE is.”

“You are in The Glade.” Aleutia said, as if that explained everything.

“Let’s pretend that I have no idea what you are talking about.” Clarissa said, and Aleutia opened his pack, that was on the ground, and pulled out a large parchment, opening it up, it showed a large land mass. Mountains, forests, and a large open area with a lake to the edge. Aleutia pointed to a spot that looked like the southern portion of the lake, near some woods. Clarissa looked around at the trees not too far from where they stood.

“We are here.” Aleutia said.

Clarissa looked at the map, and she could see that the south and east side of the lake were surrounded by trees, but the west and north was surrounded by plains, which narrowed her search area.

“I saw you across the lake when the Roc picked you up, and guessing from the angle, you might have started around here” Aleutia said, pointing to the northern end of the lake.

“So, we have to swim across the lake to get to my clothes?” Clarissa said.

Aleutia started to laugh. A deep, baritone laugh that shook his whole well-muscled body.

“Oh no, we can’t swim the lake. I only wounded the Roc, I did not kill it. It will be waiting.”

“Then how do I get my clothes back?” Clarissa said, then sudden realization set in, and she added, “How do I get home?”

“Where is home?” Aleutia asked.

“Edmonton.” Clarissa said, as if that explained everything.

“Is that one of the mountain territories?”

“Well, it is in Alberta, which has mountains, but it is a province, not a territory.”

“I do not know these words.” Aleutia said, then pointing to the map, he said, “Mountain Territories.” he said, pointing to a range of mountains along the eastern portion of the map, “Forest Territories.” he ran his fingers across the wooded area of the map from the east to the south, “and The Glade.” and his finger circled the large grassland area, and the lake. “Where is Alberta?”

“This is not my map.” Clarissa said, “I do not recognize any of these areas. I, I don’t think I am from here.” and she started to feel sick to her stomach. “I don’t know where I am. I have nothing except this blanket.” and she opened it up to accentuate the blanket, then realized she just flashed Aleutia and quickly closed it again. “Sorry, I mean, I do not even have my own clothes. I have nothing. How can I survive this place with giant birds that grab people out of the water!”

Aleutia opened his pack again, and grabbed some clothes and tossed them to Clarissa.

“Until we find your clothes, you can wear these.” he said.

Clarissa grabbed the clothes as they were tossed to her, causing her to let go of the blanket, which fell to the ground, exposing her to Aleutia, who smiled at her naked body.

“Do you mind?” she said.

“Not at all.” Aleutia replied, but continued to look at her. Clarissa turned around. If Aleutia was going to gawk at her, he can stare her ass, but the rest, she was keeping private, and she slipped on the leather pants that smelled like they have never been washed. She then slipped on the pull-over shirt, but when she let go of the pants to do so, they fell to her ankles again. She pulled the shirt down, and thankfully it was so big on her it was almost a dress, as she slowly turned to face him.

“Do you have a belt? I can’t go around holding these things up all day.”

Aleutia pulled out a long piece of metal that looked a lot like a kabob skewer, grabbed Clarissa’s pants at the front, and pulled her close to him, and kissed her passionately on the mouth. She tried to pull free, but he was far too strong for her, and soon, she relented to his mouth, returning the kiss with equal measure, when suddenly Aleutia ran the skewer through her leather pants like a pin, and when he released her, her pants were still up.

Clarissa stood and blinked a few times, trying to get her senses back. The kiss was incredible. Forceful. Demanding. Aleutia knew what he wanted, and he took it, without restraint, without remorse. He just took what he felt he was owed. Clarissa closed the distance between them, smiled up at his strong and handsome face, then her eyes went dark, and she slapped him across the face.

“Don’t you ever do that again. I am not yours to do as you please.” she yelled at him, then stormed off along the beach.

“Where are you going?” Aleutia called to her.

“To get my clothes, and try to find a way out of this nightmare.” she called over her shoulder as she tromped along the sand.

“If they are where we suspect, that is a two-day walk.” he called after her.

“Then I should get going.” she replied, but did not stop. Aleutia gathered his gear, and followed after her.

“You are going to get yourself killed if you try to do this alone.” he said, as he walked breathlessly next to her.

“You think I can’t take care of myself without some big strong man to protect me?’ she sneered, but did not stop, nor look at him.

“You have been here less than a day and you have lost your clothes, and almost got eaten. You have only been here during the day, at night, the really dangerous animals come out.”

“The only dangerous animal I see here, is YOU.” and she continued her march.

Clarissa continued to walk, and Aleutia walked beside her, neither of them speaking. They walked for what seemed to Clarissa for hours, and Aleutia never slowed, even though her legs were starting to feel tired, and the sun was setting, and the air was getting colder. Soon, Clarissa’s stomach started to growl, and Aleutia drew his dagger and scanned the area.

“Quiet. I hear a wild animal.” and he put his arm out protectively.

“It’s not a wild animal, it’s my stomach. I am hungry.” Clarissa said.

“Do you want to stop while you hunt for some food?” Aleutia asked.

“I, I don’t know how to hunt.” Clarissa said, her eyes downcast as she realized that Aleutia was probably right, she would not survive this trip on her own.

Aleutia strung his bow, and took his quiver of arrows, and looking at Clarissa, grunted, banged his chest, and said, “Me big hunter. Me find food.” then grinned at her.

“Fuck you asshole.” she said, but as he turned to enter the woods, she smiled at him. A few minutes later, Clarissa was suddenly cognizant of the fact that she was completely alone on this beach. The sky was darkening, and she kept watching the sky for the Roc again. All the while Aleutia was with her, she was not afraid, but now, alone, at night, she was very afraid. If anything came for her, there was nothing but a few large boulders to hide behind. Clarissa sat on the beach, her back toward the woods, watching over the lake for signs of the Roc, or anything else that might be in the water, realizing now that there might actually be sea monsters in there that would have eaten her long for the Roc took her, when suddenly she heard a noise behind her, and she dove or the largest boulder to hide behind. She picked up a rock she found in the sand, and waited. As soon as she saw this huge, lumbering shadow exit the woods she threw the rock.

“What the hell!” Aleutia shouted as she dropped what looked like two rabbits on the ground and held his head.

Clarissa ran to him, saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I got scared. I’m sorry.” and she ran to him and threw her arms around him, hugging him tight, “I was so scared all by myself. I’m sorry.” and she held tightly to him. Aleutia had to pry her from him as she said, “No harm.” as he dabbed the heel of this hand against the bump on his head.

“Anyway, dinner.” and he picked up the two rabbits on a long stick. He then proceeded to build a fire, and as the fire blazed, he skinned the two rabbits, and stuck them on the ends of two long branches. Giving one to Clarissa he said, “Just hold them over the fire, not in it, and try to turn it a little as you do, cooks it more evenly.”

“Like a marshmallow.” Clarissa said.

“You have such strange words.” he replied, then moved closer to Clarissa, to help her cook her rabbit. Clarissa found herself leaning against his hard body as the two cooked their meal, and when Aleutia said they were ready the two sat next to each other and ate in silence.

“It is getting late.” Aleutia said, “I am going to bury the carcasses, so it won’t attract scavengers.” then before he entered the woods he paused and said over his shoulder, “Don’t hit me with another rock when I come back.”

“No promises.” she replied, but again, as he left, she could not help but smile.

When Aleutia returned, he spread out the blanket that Clarissa had been using earlier and said it was time to sleep.

“Where am I going to sleep?” Clarissa asked.

“You can sleep with me.” he replied, and patted the area of the blanket in front of him, Clarissa looked around the empty beach, and into the dark woods, then saw the blanket, and Aleutia’s strong body next to the fire, shrugged and said, “What the heck.” and cuddled up beside him.

As the night progressed, Clarissa lay awake, pressed against Aleutia's body, and she felt something she had not felt in a long time. She extricated herself from Aleutia’s arms and stood next to him as he started to rouse.

“What are you doing Clarissa?” he said as he rolled onto his back and stared up at her.

“Something I have not done in a long, long time.” and with that, she pulled the skewer from her pants, and the heavy leather dropped around her ankles, and as Aleutia stared up in wonder, she pulled the oversized shirt off over her head, and stood naked over him.

Aleutia quickly pulled his pants down, and as soon as his cock was free, Clarissa lowered herself to him, and guided the erect member into her. Her heart was pounding, and her breath was ragged, and she could not believe how good it felt, how much she had missed this, how much she had wanted it. They made love the whole night, until they were both spent and fell asleep, naked, in each other's arms.

The morning light shone through the window, and Clarissa woke up on her sofa to the ringing of the doorbell. She got up and answered it, before she realized she was naked, and she slammed the door on the face before her, and ran upstairs to quickly put something on.

When she returned to the door, and opened it, she was shocked at the face before her. The same strong features. The long blonde hair, and that body, not clad in leather, but still, she leapt at him, throwing her arms around him as she said, “Aleautia!”

The man at the door gently pushed her away as he said, “It’s Alan. Alan Lucien, I am here to fix your sink.” and he lifted his toolbox up to display his tools.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry. I must have been having a dream before you came. I am so embarrassed, please, please come in. Again, I am so sorry, and to answer the door like that …" and it suddenly struck Clarissa when she fell asleep, she was wearing clothes. Where were they? Did what happen really happen?

“Don’t be embarrassed.” Alan said, “You do have a lovely body.” then realizing what he just said, apologized, “I am so sorry. That was highly unprofessional of me. I am just going to go into the kitchen and fix your sink. Again, I am sorry, I will be out of your way as quickly as possible.”

As Alan set his tools down, she asked, “Do you have a card?” then smiling, she added, “In case there is anything I think you might need to service.” and upon getting the card, she skipped upstairs to her bedroom, and closed the door.