Do Not Disturb

2020-07-25 04:30:33 (UTC)

Congratulations !!! 🥳

Went to my brother's graduation today and it was hot as hell and there we were walking all day but when we finally found a spot to sit at we sat their and close up front where we could see my brother graduate and he did. It lasted for about at least 2 hours. They have a big senior class. But when they got to my brother name we screamed as loud as well could then when it all was finally over they shut the lights off. Some people still had their lights on from their phones. It was beautiful. Then afterwards, we took more pictures and everyone went on their ways.

We were gonna go out to eat but my brother wanted to go this party that his friends were having after graduation. So, we went to grab something to eat at Wendy's because their wasn't anything else really open near the hotel that we were staying in for the weekend.

I had very bad stomach cramps on the way here and had to stop to use the bathroom a bunch of times and yes I took something but still hutted like hell. I even tried sticking my finger down my throat to see if, I could throw up usually works but only a little came out. I bought some more midol pills that I got from the gas station but waited for an hour or two because I had just took two Tylenol. But I ended up falling asleep on the way their and woke up and my stomach felt so much better. I was a little bloated but I felt better.

My mood on the way their went from all the way mad to emotional.

Good story huh.

- A