Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-07-23 14:38:26 (UTC)


Have registered in 3 matrimony sites. One of them is paid subscription. Yes. They are looking and I'm too looking for me a groom. I never ever imagined in my life.
Monku's patta is cut. No expectations from him also he doesn't seem interested. J dnt blame him he better sort his personal family issues and be happy with them. Maybe God wants something else for both of us. God bless him too. Soon or later he will also understand that whatever happened happened for good. He stopped msg so did I.
In matrimony site found 3 eligible guys. All from abroad with i140 visa which allows spouse to work. I was glad to read. One of them is from SO n man I donno but i likeeddd him his bio his likes dislikes are so impressive. He is just very tall. Everything matches well he reverted with "interested" But after that no revert need to msg him on whatsapp. I sk want him to know abt me and things workout. It's not that he is working lot but he looks kind hearted. I so want to start convo with him.
Did I forget monku? Of course not. I gave many chances but I cannot waste my life after him when he is not sure about things. I have a chance to improve my life. Or else I don't want to regret in this as well. I'll think about me now. I have to.
M worried for mom but j guess things will be fine soon.

Wish me luck🤞