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2020-07-25 10:09:06 (UTC)

Binge and Bitching


I only got 2 hours of sleep
I seem to get energized when I drink
I can’t figure that out
Always been that way
Finished 1/2 a 5th of gin
Drank till 2 am
Just couldn’t sleep

Indio stated he stopped wearing his ring cause I did
First off
I call BS
I bought the rings
He claimed he didn’t wear his at home
But I have to wear mine at home
So I put mine back on
I bet he still don’t wear his

His oldest son, himself, and myself, got into diablo 3 on the ps4 last night
And I said something about Indio was being a crab apple
I said better than saying calling him an ASS
(Like he called me)
And his son agreed
Of course
Indio had nothing to say

Another issue
Het told me months ago to never just hang up on him in anger
(Yeah I did it once)
But he’s done it twice
And it’s justified
I said
For fuks sake
And he hung up
And then
Sends me a FB message cussing every other word
And it’s justified
I can’t do that

He comes up Friday after work and drives back on Saturday to work
Not this week
So yeah
I said don’t come

I will finish this in a bit
Need more coffee
Till about 9am