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Through My Eyes
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2020-07-25 01:02:22 (UTC)

Scared and Crying

I haven’t been feeling well this year at all and slowly issues has been showing. I’ve recently had a blackout and don’t recall how my big closet mirror was broken. I woke up and it was shattered surprising even me. I’ve been having some problems on the my right side from my head down to my toes. I’ve been to the doctors three times in one month and the test they run comes back normal but I’m still having problems which is affecting my work. Part of the reason is memory issues, tingling in my right arm and leg, pressure in my head, movements in my face and unsure what’s going on. I’ve been extremely tired as if I have no strength which is scaring the crap out of me, makes me feel the end is near. I’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude telling myself I got this and I’m going to find out what the problem is but then reality kicks in and tell me otherwise. I’m going back to the doctor again so they can run more test on me. I’m hoping we’ll find out out what the problem is. I’m so scared because my memory is leaving me, I’m 51 and feel I’m too young for memory problems but it seems to be happening. I’m crying so much when my son is not around and I’m trying to keep a positive attitude but it’s not working well for me at this time.