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2020-07-24 07:54:01 (UTC)

Morning chill time and reflecting on yesterday 😇

I make an effort to get up a little early daily and get my normal but much needed morning zen time. 😌 Sometimes I need to remind myself of the positive things that I do and sometimes due to being busy, I drop it from my normal regime. Well, I need to make a better effort because it's really been helping my mood.

So the stainless steel coffee press has been great. Looks good and so practical. I already accidentally banged it pretty hard because mornings are not my most graceful timeframes. So I made my new favorite coffee with cinnamon grinded sticks and coconut milk. Hmmmm, just describing it here makes me crave for another sip and it's right here next to me in bed. Aaahhhh....
Here is a pic of my coffee press. Looks big but it isn't. Just enough coffee for two peeps or one coffee lover like me.

Yesterday, I was just about to drive out to go to work because I felt like it. As I was gathering my things, I get a call from Superstar. She asked what I was doing and I told her I'm about ready to drive to work. She asked if we could meet. She had something for me. She lives and works near my work so I said sure. I told her she's lucky because I'm wearing one of my Parfum de Marly colognes. We both like expensive colognes. Well, colognes for me and perfumes for her. I've been trying to get my weight down so it was a perfect time to grab this new bag of Godiva chocolates and dump it or uh.. give it to her. Keeping my weigh loss progress going and also bearing gifts to a friend. So it's like two birds with one stone thing.

We agreed to meet at the Costco parking lot near work. It's a big parking lot. When I got there, I told her to let me know when she was there so I can get out of my car. It was pretty warm so I wanted to enjoy the a/c in my car. After I got her text saying she arrived, I texted her that I'm going to stand up sort of near the snack bar area. Look for a goofy guy in a black shirt but smelling good. haha.

We found each other and greeted with a non covid approved hug. First thing she playfully does while hugging is purposely take a big sniff making it purposely and playfully obvious that she was smelling my cologne. I laugh and just shake my head. I said to her that she didn't have my permission to smell me and called her a pervert. We both laughed.

Anyway, she had this cutting board made out of glass but it had a painting under it with words that read, " Good times, good friends, amazing memories". She said it reminded her of me. Awwwe 🥰 How come I can have such great friends but I suck at that one special partner in crime? Oh well, maybe one of these days, I'll figure it out. I hung her present on a blank part of the wall on the left side of the entrance to the house.

So we chatted for awhile. Oh, and I gave her the bag of chocolates. I didn't tell her I wanted to get rid of it so I can keep losing weight. I also had a little travel spray of my Parful de Marly Herrod. I asked if she wanted to try it as it's a gender neutral cologne. So she pulls her blond hair away and stick her neck out kinda and said sure. But yeah, I finally found a friend that is into colognes or perfumes like me. That short few min made my day. Work was somewhat mellow. Nasim called after work and chatted a little bit. Heidi texted and I checked to see if she's doing her daily 50 jumps on the jump rope I let her borrow and she said she actually did 100. I said "Good job". Gonna start a jump roping clique soon. jk.

Have a good day peeps. Smile, surround yourself with good people you can see and touch, and hit the gym 😊 Works wonders for the soul.

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