Do Not Disturb

2020-07-24 00:39:21 (UTC)


A part me is already regretting on blocking him but its for the best because I won't be treated this way. He kept hurting me and only having sex and I let him believing every little thing he says and it won't be anymore. So, I blocked him. Time for me to move on like he said... Like I said.
I still have his phone number but he doesn't call or text anyways even if, he's busy at work.

I took off early today for work because my manager asked me and this other girl if, I wanted to go and I raised my hand first and she actually let me go. That give me time to go home, take a bath, ect.... And to get some sleep for this weekend because we will be leaving early tomorrow morning.

I want C know what it feels like when he hurted me when he didn't call or text me when he went out of town. He won't be worried anyways because he's getting sick and tired of me and that he meant it he says so, I'm gonna be petty and block him and keep him on block. AND I MEANT IT!!!

Our mask and t-shirts came in for my brother graduation tomorrow and I love it. We all got it both made. I can't wait to get out of the state. I need it. Especially with so much stress from work but nothing like pouring you a cup of margaritas in a glass won't do. Always makes me feel better. And oreo icecream.

Mood : Let me get back to you on that

- A

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