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2020-07-23 21:53:19 (UTC)

Big Brother Friends Thurs:

Season 1:
09-27-2018: Maris taking the break with The boys (Rolando R, Tony R, Jorge T, Sal R)
Maris: I'm so glad that you came babe. (hugs Rolando and Tony)
Jorge T and Sal S: (to Maris, Rolando and Tony R) Ooooh!
(Sal in Confession Room):
Sal: What! Seriously, These dudes from Maris side. I think we just shipped to RoMaris and TonMaris. What do you think? (crickets)
10-04-2018: Waltzing TonMaris:
(Tony and Maris are dancing in the living room)
Tony Rubio: So what do think?
Maris: I would have to!
Tony Rubio: Maris is my everything about her relationship, because she has the nice beautiful eyes, and she didn't met me once, and I think she is the nice person in the Big Brother Teammate.
Maris: Yay!!! (keeps spinning around)

Season 2: