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2020-07-23 16:30:23 (UTC)


It has been two days since I last wrote. In those two days, I have programmed a little budget for myself in Excel, wrote a part on the Merchant of Venice, complimented my girlfriend, and donated half my clothes. I realized today that I haven't taken my medicine in a few weeks so that's probably why I have been getting up so late.

Today I got a call from someone who I haven't spoken to in a year. He was calling to make amends and apologize. I didn't answer but I did listen to his voice mail and test him a three-sentence summary of my life with a quick thanks at the end. I stopped talking to him because I realized that if I ever wanted to be happy I had to hang out with happy people. I dropped him and realized that he had been a big source of my sadness. He dragged me down with him.

Anyways, I haven't had any amazing realizations about myself so maybe writing a diary isn't gonna help. Or maybe I need to wait a little longer. Who knows.

Listen to Kimya Dawson and have a good day.