La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-07-23 20:18:05 (UTC)

Hope you can come see us.

Mom has been asking me to come see her and she'll pay for our tickets there with my kid's she doesn't realize we are a family that travels together, for some odd reason she is very insisstant I go without my husband maybe she thinks I need a break from him. What I need is a break from this being stuck at home nonsense¡ so much missinformation going arround. And goverment trying to have total control of our lives is stupid, I need our lives to feel a little normal again and wearing a mask will not protect me from no virus sorry to say. things that are everywhere we touch such as bacteria and virusus are something beyond our control piriod. So is just a control situatin that we the people allowed to hapend and am feed up with all this BS.
I do miss my family and wish we could go see them but at this point is not my priority I've seen it time and time again how everyone is in their own little world and is hard to have some one take their time to truly enjoy your visit. So sorry to say mom I will pay your ticket to come see us that way we will realy get the most of you here. love your doughter.

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