La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-07-23 20:08:56 (UTC)

making the ugly beautiful again.

I try to stay focus on my small projects that I had not been able to keep working on because of some things that got in the way, but finaly yesterday I was able to get back to them and something about painting just really relaxes my brain. It makes me forget everything else and I like moving that brush seeing it transforme the ugly for the beautiful colors on my wall. And I did that, so is a good feeling, been painting my upstairs walls and stairs and I absolutly love the finishing job.
Painting brings back a lot of good memories with my son and my mother who had the habbit of painting her house one a year and she always did it her self, I guess that's where I get that from and I have always been the one who paints our house always. A few years ago I decided to paint a black tree on my largest wall in my living room, it was my first time trying so I didn't really liked the finishing job but everyone else did. I've tryied many other desings in difrents rooms but they come and go acording to the fixer upers arround the house.
Any how if people here would pay what my work is worth I would do it in a heart beat, but they don't realy care much for how their homes look and thinks is silly to spend so much money making your house look nice. Well am glad I have the suplies to do what I like doing and every chance I get all paint my house even if a takes a whole year for me to finish it will still be worth it at the end.

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