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2020-07-23 01:48:38 (UTC)

My morning zen time 😊

Tired this morning. Nasim called and kept me up way too late last night. Or I guess I should say today huh? Forgot she even had my number. We chatted about guess what? The gym. Ok, it's a fun topic but not till 2 in the dang morning!! I was just too nice to hang up on her and let her talk about it, her goals, how much weight she gained, etc, etc.

Anyway, got up and now I'm having much needed coffee. I'm not sure if it's healthy because I didn't review it but I added some coconut milk along with my cinnamon grounded coffee. Truvia from Costco added to sweeten it up in lieu of sugar. I like the laste and I'm using my brand new stainless steel coffee press. Why a new press? I cracked my other glass one which lasted I'm guessing for about 10 years till I knocked it over the other night. Oh well, Amazon to the rescue.

Now I can just sit up on the dining table, relax and have my coffee. Smelling the scent of coconut and cinnamon just before I sip on this nice hot cup of coffee is da bomb!! hehe. It's once again a quiet morning out. Feeling my body to see what part hurts from working out this week. So far, a little muscle ache in the scapula and quads.

Got my Dr pre-op appt today so I need to shower and get out of my workout clothes I'm still wearing from yesterday 😱. The week is flying by so quickly. It's already Thursday? Wow :) I worked out everyday since Sunday so I know that's why I've been in a better mood this week. Been trying hard to make sure I get my morning relaxation time.

Ok, times up. Gotta go. Have a good day peeps. Smile peeps :)

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