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2020-07-22 20:59:31 (UTC)

Good day. Not so good phone call from Sis 🤨

Work was pretty easy. Gym was fantastic!! All the ex Sunrise gym peeps were there so it felt great having all the people I know there. It just makes the workout so much more fun and happier :) Don't know why. The weights are still heavy. The workout is still hard. I still sweat a lot but when friends are there, it's so much easier. I guess it's a mind thang. I get there early and so now I can jump rope beforehand. One of my friends ask how I got it and told her it's mine and I bring it to class. So guess what? She went to Amazon right then and there and ordered one.

Also last night when Heidi picked up her camping gear, we chatted a little bit and how she said she's been slacking on the working out and gaining weight. Told her that jump roping is actually been said to be even better than many other workouts like the stationary bike, treadmill, etc, etc. And it's cheap. I suggested she just start slow. 50 jumps a day for a week. Then every week, add a little bit more. She said she don't have a jump rope. So... I grab one of the 8 that I have and said "here, no excuses". lol Gonna start me a jump rope clique soon :)

Then, the call. Sister called. She's still on the phone and I have her on speakerphone while I post this. Once again, she is full of hate. Hate for my brother's greed. Hate for what Mom did to us. She didn't treat us very well. But I"m past that. I don't hate. I have no ill will towards Mom. Not Sis. Not my church going Catholic sister. She's still pissed off at Mom for the past. Well, she's dead so why hate? Hate's our other sister. Hates one of our other brother. Hating just makes my Sister's own life miserable. Seem's like common sense to be happy in lieu of all this hate. But hey, that's just my opinion.

So Sis is saying she don't need all this stress but yet she brings up all this negativity. Just face it. Brother wants to keep the $1,000,000 house and the supposedly $300,000 cash? So what? Just tell Mom thank you for leaving us with nothing. She gave birth to us. The world is ours to make of it. We make our own fortune. Let my brother have the $1,300,000 to himself. Hope that gives him his happiness.

All this is doing to me is trying to get me riled up. This is why I don't hang out or chat with my brothers and sisters. Too much drama. This money crap is like the devil waving a carrot in front of me. Haha.

Finally hung up with her. I paid little attention with her. Just was being nice and I can roll my eyes since we're on the phone. lol. I don't want to get tangled in greed. I don't want to be hating on my siblings. I got better things in life to do.

Oh, almost forgot. I saw Superstar today for 15 min. She was done with work and I was on my way to the gym so I had 15 min to hang out. She is a cutie for sure. We talked about the time at camp that she said she really liked the way I smelled and what cologne I was wearing. I told her it was just a deodorant and so we went to the store after camp and got a bottle for her dude. She even told him why she liked it. Rolling my eyes, I talked to her about it today. Told her that it was probably not a good thing to tell her boyfriend that she smelled me and liked the smell of my deodorant so she got him a bottle of it. Probably not the best thing to have said.

Today, I was wearing my Parfum de Marly cologne. This was called Carlisle. Very nice cologne and very expensive. Not really but it was about $250 for a bottle. She noticed it and took a whiff. She really likes it. So gentlemen, it smells great. Buy this if you can without even sampling it. This time, I told her not to tell her dude that she smelled me and that she really likes it. This time, I told her to tell her dude that she smelled this scent and would like her dude to try it. Something like that. Silly girl. She's so innocent. She had to think about the situation when I told her how it was sort of awkward. She isn't stupid. She is just so nice and so happy, she don't understand stuff like that. She's so cute with how she is just full of niceness and innocence. So she did listen though and will take heed this time. haha. Hope so and she now knows. I always am in a good mood after chatting with her.

So another life lesson. Surround yourself with good people. Look around you, you become like the friends around you. Ok, time for some brain mushing and watch some TV.

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