Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-07-22 23:01:46 (UTC)


Yesterday 7/21/20 I woke up to my closet mirror broken and don’t know how it happened. I believe I blacked out and fell into the mirror but I don’t recall it at all, no memory of the incident at all. I didn’t feel anything or have any bruises or cuts. My son came home I showed him the broken mirror and he called the entire family crying. This resulted in my sister coming down to take me to the hospital which she did and then my baby brother came at 4am in the morning to ensure I was okay. Lately I’ve been missing my second brother and uncle who passed away some years ago which I think could be causing me to have anxiety and stress. The doctors also believe this could be causing me stress because I miss them so much. Now I must say my sister and baby brother coming down meant the world to me because I’ve missed them too. My baby brother lives is Las Vegas, it’s about four hours away and my sister lives in Rancho Cucamonga which is about hour or so away from me but we rarely see each other because of our work schedules. I hadn’t seen my brother since last year and I hadn’t seen my sister since the beginning of the year. I was glad and grateful she came down and took me to the doctor it meant a lot to me. However apparently I’ve been having these blackouts/seizures for awhile now because everyone seemed to have a story of incidents that have occurred that I don’t recall at all. My sister said I had two incidents in the beginning of the year that I don’t remember at all. Other family members stated they’ve also witnessed a few incidents too. After each incident it takes a few minutes before I come too and I act as if nothing has happened which makes since because I don’t have any memory of what happened. This has resulted in my license getting suspended for six months, I do understand why because I would hate to get in an accident and hurt someone. I definitely couldn’t live with myself if that happened. I am scared because I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.