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2020-07-22 12:00:11 (UTC)

Above the stupid people 🙂

Yesterday was my kiddo's birthday. I have no contact with him and I think this coming November will make it four years now. It used to bug me that the ex was jealous and didn't want them in communication with me so she blocked us. I was a pretty good Dad and he was a great Son. Not biologically mine but that's old news indicated way back in my earlier diary posts of 10 fricking years now. Yipes!! Anyway, I sent the ex an email to several of her known emails that I knew including a text to her phone. It was to my boy Christopher wishing him a happy birthday along with a pic of me to show him my latest old man pic. lol.

Did he get it? Who knows. Ex is not a normal person that has a heart. But I don't really care. I love him and he loves me. All I know is I sent out that message and I love him to death. I'm sure he does too and that's the only things I can control. This stuff used to bug me but not anymore. I just know my love for him is always there and I know he loves me too and that's all that matters.

So happy birthday Son. I hope my happy vibes find their way to your heart and I'll always be there for you to help you as long as I live.
As far as the ex? Like I said before, you can't fix stupid and I stopped trying years ago.

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