from my heart
2020-07-22 11:48:41 (UTC)

silver lining

12:48 pm

“comparison is the thief of joy” is a phrase i hear often and agree with. however i feel like comparison to a certain extent can be good. for example when i see people posting about how far they come, it can be a comparison onto my life and a way for me to reflect on what i want to accomplish for myself. it helps to motivate me when im struggling to start a task because im just lazy. i think that a healthy competition is good.

i dont think its bad that there are “bad” things in this world. of course such things like racism, rape and murder are inexcusable crimes but things like feeling sad and having a bad day, i dont think they are bad. i think that its natural to strive to be happy all the time and want to be happy. that is why people work so hard and put so much effort and endure struggles to reach there. im having trouble organizing my thoughts. but i guess what im trying to say is that while we are trying to reach happiness i think its better to live by day being happy in the moment. or more so content.

i realize that i dont want to be happy all the time. because if i was happy all the time, i would feel numb. so now, i just want balance. i want a good balance between my emotions. i want to be content with the “good” and “bad”

im intrigued with the word, silver lining. if you dont know what it means, it means that even in bad circumstances, youre able to find a good out of it. for example, if i got fired from my job then i could find my silver lining and realize that even though it sucks that i got fired, i can finally have more time to rest and focus on other important things that i didnt have time for because of work.

i hope i can live for today instead of tomorrow or yesterday

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