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2020-07-22 15:57:11 (UTC)

Friends Thurs 4:

Head of Household ("Gravestone Golf"): The HouseGuests putted for power in the Gravestone Golf Head of Household competition. In this competition, each HouseGuest will putt their eye ball down the course, attempting to land it in the highest numbered slot possible. The slot their ball lands in will be their score. The HouseGuest with the highest score will be the new Head of Household.
Temptation Competition ("Strangest Things"): On Day 45, all HouseGuests except Christmas accepted the offer to compete in the Temptation Competition. The HouseGuests then blacked out in the Strangest Things Temptation Competition. In this competition, HouseGuests competed individually. They must walk through the pitch black House in search of phrases written on the wall. Each phrase will have a circled letter. They must unscramble the circled letters, locate the correct item, and put it in the box. The HouseGuest who locates the item and puts it in the box in the fastest time will win safety for the week, while the HouseGuest with the slowest time will be a third nominee for the week.
Power of Veto: ("OTEV the Possessed Piglet"): On Day 46, Josh, Mark, Elena, and Jessica, plus Alex, and Christmas, after she used her Ring of Replacement to take Cody's spot, vied in the OTEV the Possessed Piglet Power of Veto competition. Christmas was not allowed to compete. In each round of this competition, HouseGuests received a question with a number answer. They must search the field for the shoe with the correct number, and return it to OTEV and kneel on a stump. However, there will always be one less stump than HouseGuests. The last HouseGuest to return with the correct number will be eliminated. The last HouseGuest standing will win the Power of Veto. Mark was the winner.
Head of Household ("Hocus Focus"): The HouseGuests were put under a spell in the Hocus Focus Head of Household competition. In this competition, HouseGuests watched a series of magic performances. After each performance, the HouseGuests will be asked questions based on the performance. An incorrect answer resulted in elimination. The last HouseGuest standing will be the new Head of Household.
Power of Veto ("BB Adventure Tour"): On Day 53, Alex, Elena, Jason, and Matt, alongside Paul and Mark, launched in the BB Adventure Tour Power of Veto competition, sponsored by Outback Steakhouse. In each round of this competition, each HouseGuest shot an arrow at a map with a series of numbers. After a spot is landed on, it is out of play. The HouseGuest with the lowest score will be eliminated. However, when they are eliminated, they will open a prize. HouseGuests eliminated in future rounds will have the option to swap their prize with a prize that was already revealed. The HouseGuest with the veto at the end will win the Power of Veto, as well as the option to select five HouseGuests to join them for a meal from Outback Steakhouse.

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