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2020-07-21 23:48:59 (UTC)

A good day 😋

Work was good. I'm tackling this nightmare project and making headway finally. The dumbass peer I have did a few but just did it in any which way possible to just complete the work. Lots of wrong turns, doing things the wrong way so now it's not repeatable. So in I walk into this nightmare. I find out how hokey the previous Engineers were doing it and I laid down the law and how it should be done. So the stuff they could have fixed before was just kicked down the road. Now I get it and have to clean up this mess. That's ok. I got the skills and I will get it done.

Gym was really busy today. All the ex Sunrise gym peeps or at least enough were there to fill the class ☺️. It was so nice to see them again. Also, the hrs make it so that the 5:30PM class I attend is the first one in the afternoon. What does this mean for me? I get to come early and get my little 8'x8' area and do some cardio before class. So I plan on coming in 1/2 hr early again and jump rope. I think that'll help get my weight down and get more toned up again :)

After class, Nasim texted me. We did the small talk again. I think I maybe flirt a little too much. Bad boy. Got home, got a call from Heidi. She came over to pick up her camping stuff from the last camp. I took some stuff back for her because she had a lot of gear and tight on space. No biggie so I did and she came to pick it up. Chatted a little bit and that was pretty much it. Did a load of laundry, spoke to Jenny making sure she was ok, and it's all good I guess.

Loony-roomie's bathroom that she left behind is clogging a little at the toilet. I've been using it lately and notice I have to use the toilet plunger a few times. Then that didn't work so well and I used a toilet snake. Now that too is not working right so I called in a real plumber and he is coming tomorrow morning. Knocking down one thing at a time. I got goals and I'm taking care of it a bit at a time. :) I feel so energized mentally again.
Smile peeps. Don't need to hit a homer everytime. Just a little at a time. One little step at a time and before you know it, you've taken care of all your business.

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