taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-07-22 03:08:57 (UTC)

h a i r c u t for the first time since like early feb.

my appointment with maddie a casualty of the scooter probz (in all honesty i would have likely bailed last minute anyways), decided to let my mother have at my mop. she'd been offering for months and i, was enjoying the long hair kinda, but my long hair styling skills leave something to be desired - formidable curls - plus i hadn't seen them in a social capacity in months.

she kind of pulled it off. i wasn't expecting to dig it as much? mentally preparing for a little space monkey, pandemic stealth, but yeah. i like it.

it's nice to look in a mirror and not be blasted in the eye holes with just a disaster of a hair situation. it's nice to feel a bit more human. and on some level, it was nice to hang out with the folks for a bit.