Diary name
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2020-07-21 20:09:48 (UTC)


I've literally been using the wrong date for two days now. Why didn't anyone tell me? LOL! Today was very unproductive. I got up at noon and watched the second season of avatar. Tomorrow, I am going to write a college essay and do some cleaning. I am gonna end my streak of unproductiveness.

Recently, I have been thinking about how much I lie. I can't tell if everyone lies a ton or I'm just weird. I just randomly lie in almost every conversation. It's never anything huge it's just little lies here and there every other sentence. Is this normal? I've had people call me out on it and its really awkward, so I want to stop this habit. The only problem is I don't know-how. How do you stop doing something that is as natural as breathing to you? Please send some ideas!

Tomorrow, I am going to reach out to some friends and chat for a while. I might even send a good morning text to this girl I like (I'd like her to make me her bitch LOL)!

Anyways, have a good day y'all and make tomorrow your bitch :)