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2020-07-21 23:50:46 (UTC)

Water please!

The other day I got a message from a friend she said to me how much she loved me that she thinks am one in a million and that am everyone's biggest cheerleader, in a way I guess I am that way with others but only because I need them to be the same way with me, but if their is one thing I've learned is that I give with out expecing nothing in return, other wise you are set for dissapointment, today I really needed some one to talk to, I miss going out for drinks with my friends and talking about nonsense things laughing out loud. I've been missing Kristal maybe because my brother is up in AK right now and I wished so bad I've could have gone on that trip with him to go see her. but now that chance has gone out the window. oh well I guess there is a lot on my mind and at the same time I can't get my self to write about it.
At this point only time will tell what will be, is hard not having anywhere to go, some how I will have to get to a place with water is as if every molecule in my body is crying to go swimming hard to explain, am sure you know how it is to go to that one place that makes you feel whole again, well for me is the water. Let you know is I get there because aperantly the beaches are still on lock down.

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