D'Arc Tangent

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2020-07-21 12:53:27 (UTC)

Victorious: Andre's Big Break (2,715 wds)

Victorious: Andre’s Big Break
D’Arc Tangent

Andre Harris sat outside at one of the tables in the courtyard of Hollywood Arts High School. In his final year, he was looking forward to signing with a major record label to write songs, but now he sat at the table, head in his hands, despondent.

“Hey Andre!” Tori Vega said, as she straddled a chair across from him, “What’s going on?”

“I’m screwed.” Andre said as he looked up into Tori’s smiling face.

“Why baby?” she asked.

Remember about three years ago, we did that kid’s show?”

“The Diddly-Bops?” Tori said, “Yeah, but that was like a one-time thing, we haven’t been the Diddly-Bops in three years.”

“But the video is still on-line, and every time I am up for a song writing gig, someone finds that video.”

“Tell me who's blocking you this time, I will lay on the ol’ Vega charm, I will get you that gig.”

“You would do that for me Tori?” Andre said.

“Of course, baby. We have been through sooo much together. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

Andre leaned over the table and kissed her, then wrote down the name and address of the company he was trying to write songs for.

Tori went home to change. She knew if she was going to impress these people, she had to present herself in the most professional light, so she changed into a navy pant suit and blazer, crisp white shirt, red scarf and glasses. She tied her hair in a bun, and grabbed her briefcase. The case was empty, but the music people didn’t need to know that.

The elevator opened on the eleventh floor, and Tori strode confidently down the hall to the large glass door with the frosted lettering of the music company. Opening the door, she walked past the receptionist who did not have enough time to stop her before Tori opened the large oak door of the executive producer’s office.

“I want to discuss Andre Harris!” Tori commanded, and the woman standing in the office, conversing with a young man, looked up at the intrusion just as the receptionist bust into the office as well.

“I’m sorry,” she breathed out heavily, “Miss Barclay,” and again sucked in a deep breath, then exhaled, “She just, she, she just rushed by, by me.”

Miss Barclay held her hand up to stop her receptionist from having a heart attack, then turning to the young man in the office, she said, “That will be all.” and the young man left, “You too, Sarah, I will see what this brash young woman has to say.” and Sarah backed out, closing the door behind her. “Now, miss?”

“Vega.” Tori said as she held out her hand to shake, “Tori Vega. I am representing Mr. Harris in his bid for the writing contract.”

Miss Barclay, moved to the edge of her desk, ignoring Tori’s extended hand, and leaned against the edge of the desk, he legs spread as far as her thigh length beige skirt would allow, and dug her heels into the carpet as she leaned back on the desk, her jacket open, and her sky blue blouse stretched across her ample breasts.

“You have ball Miss Vega.” Barclay said, “I like that. You have five minutes to convince me why a dancing bowl of spaghetti should write for me.”

“Well, you obviously saw the video.” Tori said, “But did you listen to it?”

“I did. Catchy. Appeals to kids. So?”

“So you liked it? You thought it was catchy? You thought it was good?”

“Yes. It was good. For children.” Barclay answered.

“Andre is a very talented song writer. He has written for many different people. He has written many of the school musical’s for Hollywood Arts. The Diddly-Bops was a favour to our acting teacher. It was a one-off thing, and yet, for something he had no intention of pursuing as a career, namely writing children's songs, he maintained the highest caliber of writing. He puts everything into his song writing, whether he writing a jingle, a love song, or a children’s song. Do not judge him on the material he wrote, judge him on the quality of that material.”

“You make a very valid point Miss Vega.” Barclay said, as she stood up from her desk, walked past Tori, and leaning against the heavy oak door, locked it. At the sound, Tori looked at Barclay with curiosity. “Now, strip.” Barclay said.

“Excuse me?” Tori said as she now looked even harder at Barclay, whom she really just noticed was an incredibly attractive woman.

“How committed are you to your, and I am guessing, boyfriend?”

“Well, yes, Andre and I are dating but what does that …"

“You interrupted a meeting, barged into my office without a concern for my time, so, now, I expect to be compensated, hence, I want you to take your clothes off.”

“But why do I have...”

“Stop talking. You impressed me. That got you this far. Now, I want to see just how far you are willing to go.”

“I would do anything for Andre. He is a very talented writer, and I strongly believe he will be an asset to your company.”

“And yet you are still dressed.” Barclay replied, “So?”

Tori put her briefcase down, and shrugged out of her jacket, and placed it on the chair and turned toward Barclay.

“Scarf.” Barclay said, but even though her voice was even, calm, and very seductive, Tori could feel the command in it, and she unknotted the scarf, and drew it from around her neck, to toss it with the jacket.

Barclay moved toward Tori, and pulled the pins out of her hair to let her hair fall over her shoulders. She reached up and took Tori’s glasses.

“You don’t really need these do you?” she said, and Tori just shook her head in response, until Barclay kissed her. Tori’s eyes widened, but her scent was intoxicating, and her lips were warm, and soft, and oh so inviting that Tori opened her mouth to accept Barclay’s.

Barclay started to unbutton Tori’s shirt, and without really understanding why, Tori pushed Barclay’s jacket over her shoulders to let it drop to the floor behind them.

Barclay stood back after undoing Tori’s blouse, and opened it up, holding the edges in her hands as she admired Tori’s body, smiling with approval.

Tori shrugged her shoulders, and the blouse fell back, and Barclay let it go to fall to the ground. Tori reached behind her to undo her bra, but Barclay pulled her hands away to stop her.

“Me first.” Barclay said, in her husky, breathless, bedroom voice, and Tori smiled, and closed in, and began to undo the pale blue silk blouse. The fabric fell away, soft, like a feather, and screamed affluence, and Tori could tell that this woman could take Andre wherever he needed to go. As the last button came free, Tori held the edges in her hands like Barclay had done, and was equally impressed with her body. Although considerably older, Barclay was in terrific shape. Her breasts were still very firm, but at least two cup sizes larger than Tori’s, embraced by one of the high-end lingerie. She did not wait for any additional prodding, Tori pushed the top off, and slid the straps down Barclay’s shoulders, pulling the lace over her breasts, to free the nipples.

Tori immediately covered one with her mouth, and as she sucked on the tight and hard nipple, she fondled the other with her fingers, pulling it, pinching it, twisting, as her tongue caressed the one in her mouth. Barclay grasped Tori’s head and held her there, letting her suckle her tit as she bit her bottom lip as moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. Finally, her breath hard and ragged, she pushed Tori from her, and took a couple of deep breaths before she took Tori’s mouth in hers again and kissed her, while unclasping Tori’s bra. As she pulled away from the kiss, she took Tori’s bra with her, allowing Tori’s breasts freedom, then Barclay moved closer, and held Tori’s breasts in her hands, fondled them, ran her thumbs over the ever-hardening nipples, staring at them with reverence.

“Fuck I miss nineteen-year-old tits.” Barclay said.

“Umm, I’m actually eighteen.” Tori said.

“Fuck.” Barclay said again, biting her lower lip, then stood back and said, “Finish undressing.”

“You don’t want to undress me yourself?” Tori said.

“No. I want to watch you.” and Barclay sat in a chair and watched Tori as she unbuttoned her pants, and slid them off her hips, and down her legs, her breasts hanging as she did, and Barclay slid her hands under her skirt to touch herself as Tori undressed.

Tori slipped her shoes off, then her pants, folding them neatly before laying them on the chair with her jacket, and hooked her hands into the lacey thong and slipped those down as well as Barclay’s body lurched in convulsion as she pleasured herself. Tori stood there for a moment as Barclay pleasured herself, feeling a little self-conscious standing there naked in the office.

“Is there anything else you need Miss Barclay?” Tori as she wrapped one arm across her breasts, the other hand over her pussy in attempt at modesty. Barclay just motioned her forward. Tori stepped forward until Barclay took her hand and pulled her down to her knees. Barclay lifted her ass off the chair, and Tori reached under the skirt and pulled the panties down. Once they were free of her legs, Barclay pulled her skirt up, and spread her legs wider to accommodate Tori, who pretty easily read the signs, and spread Barclay’s pussy open with her fingers and thrust her tongue inside.

Barclay thrusted her hips upward as she held Tori’s head between her thighs, and dissolved into the pleasure Tori was giving her. Tori licked vigorously, thrusting deep inside, then curling her tongue upwards as she licked up to the tender nerve bundle, then thrusting inside again the repeat the maneuver. Each lick up to her clit caused Barclay’s hips to rise, and each thrust of Tori’s tongue caused Barclay to moan out in ecstasy until she finally released herself, and Tori pulled back, wiping the remnants of Barclay’s lust from her face.

As Tori sat on her heels, Barclay stood up, and undid the clasp on her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Tori was not sure what was about to happen, but she rose to her feet in the presence of this woman, who held her hand out and said, “Come, let us shower. I can’t send you home looking like that.” and Barclay led her to a private shower in her office.

As the warm water cascaded over Tori, and Barclay lathered her up with a high-end scented body wash, she leaned into Barclay, letting the woman cup her breasts, and nuzzle her ear. Tori turned in her arms, and looked up at Barclay, and said, “So, does Andre get the job?” she asked.

“Oh sweety,” Barclay said, “Andre had the job after your speech, then she kissed Tori hard on the mouth. Tori submitted for a moment, then pulled back and asked, “Then what was all this for?”

“Because I can.” Barclay said, “Did you not enjoy it?”

“Well, it was fun, I mean, but, like I am not gay or anything, so why? You knew Andre was my boyfriend, so you know I am into guys.”

“I know,” Barclay said, “And really, if you had refused, it would not have changed anything. Andre still would have had the job, I just wanted to see how far you would go for your man.”

“Well then,” Tori said, “If that is the case, I think we need to climax these negotiations.”

“Interesting choice of words,” Barclay said, “And what did you have in mind?”

Tori leans against the small ledge in the shower, and spread her legs.

“My turn.” and Barclay smiled at her, and sank to her knees and proceeded to eat out Tori, who wrapped her legs around Barclay's body as she sucked on the tight little nerve bundle, and licked at her slit, wet from the shower, and slick with Tori’s juices until Tori herself came with a shuddering jolt of orgasm through her body, and Barclay lowered her gently to the shower floor, as Tori kneeled under the water, shaking, until Barclay turned off the water.

Handing Tori a towel, and helping her up, Barclay said, “Andre tells me you are a singer. Maybe you can come audition for me one day.” then with a wicked glint in her eyes, she added, “I’ll bring my toys.” and the two dried off, and got dressed.

One the way home, Tori called Andre on her cell, her body still humming from the excitement of landing the contract, and from the orgasm Barclay had given her. She never felt that before, and she liked it very much.

“Andre, meet me at my place in twenty minutes.”

As she pulled into her driveway, Andre’s black mustang GT was just coming around the corner, and stopped in front of her house.

“Hey Tori!” he called as he got out of his car, and walked up to Tori’s house, “What’s up?”

As Andre approached the door, Tori grabbed him and pulled him into the house. Trina, her sister, was still at school, and her parents were at work, so the house was eerily quiet as Tori said, “You got the contract.”

“That’s great Tori!” Andre said, “I knew you would come through. You are amazing.”

“It was so exhilarating.” Tori said, as she started to undo Andre’s belt.

“Uh, what is going on here baby?” Andre said as she undid the button on his jeans.

“Oh my God, that experience made me sooo horny Andre. I need you now baby.”, and took his hand and almost dragged him up the stairs to her bedroom.

In the privacy of her bedroom, Andre pulled his t-shirt over his head as Tori removed her jacket, and when she turned around, Andre said, “I owe you a new shirt.” and as Tori asked, “Why?” Andre grabbed the edges of her shirt and pulled it open, buttons popping around the room as he forcibly pushed the shirt over her shoulders and let it fall behind her.

“Oh.” was the only response Tori could muster at this point, and still mostly dressed, she dropped to her knees and finished undoing Andre’s pants, pulling down both the jeans, and the black Calvin Klein jockey’s he wore, exposing the erect and ready cock, to which Tori could only stare, wide-eyed, ans she said, “Oh my.”

As Andre pulled his feet out of the bundle of clothes at his ankles, Tori took off her pants, then her bra, then her lacey panties, and laid back on the bed.

“Fuck me Andre.” she said, and Andre climbed on the bed with her, straddling her frame he pulled her legs up over his shoulders, and plunged himself deep inside her. Tori let out a scream as the initial pain seared her mind before being replaced by overwhelming ecstasy. The pure girth of his member had her stretched to the limit, and the pain was exquisite. “Oh God, you are so huge. I never thought it could feel like this.”

Each new thrust brought more moisture to her, new sensations, and her mind was going numb from the pleasure. She could feel him getting harder inside her. And each new thrust brought him closer and closer until Tori was sure he was about to cum, and she pushed him off her, his cock pulling out and spraying her body.

“I am so sorry Andre, just as you were cumming, I realized we didn’t have any protection. I am so sorry.”

“Hey, no big.” Andre said, “It was great. You were great. Maybe we can do this again, when we are prepared.”

Tori hugged Andre to her, and kissed him, their bodies sticking from the juices as she whispered into his ear, “Oh we are so doing this again, and again, and again.” then playfully nipped his ear.