Experienced Life
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2020-07-21 09:16:29 (UTC)

Practicing what I'm preaching 😇

I admit, sometimes I get so caught up with things, I forget to practice what I preach. My morning rituals have been cut at times. Only because of work being busy. So I try to make an effort to do that so I can start the day off right. Just like today :) . Got my concentrated Trader Joe's coffee. Mix it with one part coffee and 2 parts water. Heat it up and it tastes fantastic. The gym? At times, I'm too busy working late and miss gym class. Well, just by luck, the hrs at the gym changed and now has later hrs. I think because the sun is setting later. Today, it sets at 8:20PM. So with the later classes, I can still attend. That in turn gets me my natural high from working out. Work is somewhat manageable too now so that's less of a pain in the butt. With that, I'm feeling good again. Yay!!! Covid has been bringing a lot of depression for a lot of people. Rightly so. Well, screw that! It's gonna take more than a worldwide pandemic to get me down in the dumps. 🤪

I got invited to to on a night kayaking trip at a nearby State park. It's called lake Natoma in Folsom City CA. I guess I could attend after gym class. Not sure if I'll go. It's actually in the same city as my gym is so it'll be close by. I'll probably go.

Let's see what else. No drama that I'm aware of. I think I lost 4 lbs. I've been consistently at 164 lbs. I got up there at one point to 168 lbs. Yipes!! I've been avoiding sugar so that's what's been helping me and eating better too of course. Last night, I did 1,100 skips on my jump rope and even with little pauses from time to time, I'm done in less than 15 min. So for a true jump rope workout, I need to do at least 2,000 jumps I think. At least enough to last 1/2 an hr. That's all I got for today. Smile peeps :)