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2020-07-21 14:22:56 (UTC)

Part 2:

Friends Thurs Vibes Only:

Head of Household ("Kiss My Ace"): One member from each team must bounce a ball on a big tennis racket with bouncy strings in an attempt to land it in the highest-scored slot possible on their side of court. The member with the lowest score in each round will be eliminated. The teams will then rotate members and bounce again. In case of a tie, all tied HGs will be eliminated, unless all four players got the same score, in which case they will serve again. The last HG standing will be the new HoH. (Winner: Erika N)
Roadkill ("Horn Star"): Each of the HouseGuests must press a set of five horns and listen to their respective honks. They then had to listen to a sequence of eight honks and repeat the sequence by pressing the correct horns. If they press the wrong horn, they will hear must try again. The Houseguest who repeats the sequence in the fastest time will win. (Winner: Angeli O)

Power of Veto ("Toe-zarks"): The HGs will have 12 minutes to collect letters with corresponding point values from big toes scattered in a pond. They must take the letters back to their board, one at a time, and spell the best word possible. The HG who correctly spells a word with the highest total point value will win. (winner: Elena D)

Power of Veto ("BB Storm Watch"): In the days leading up to the competition, HouseGuests listened to a series of BB Storm Watch updates. In this competition, HouseGuests competed individually. HouseGuests looked at a teleprompter for sentences with blanks. HouseGuests had to report the weather and fill in the blanks with the name of one of the first five evicted HouseGuests while standing in a storm. If the sentence passes through the teleprompter before the HouseGuest fills in the blank, they will be incorrect. The HouseGuest who fills in the most blanks will win the Power of Veto. (Winner: Itzel G)

Head of Household ("Welcome to Loch Mess"): In this competition, HouseGuests stood on a small platform against a wall. If anyone falls off their platform, they will be eliminated. The last juror standing will be back in the game and the last HouseGuest standing overall will be the new Head of Household. (Winner: Sarah Z)

Battle of the Block" competition, called The Pouring 20s. The objective was for one person to swing and get water in a glass cup, then throw the water into another glass cup held by the other person; that person would swing backward to dump the water into a glass vase full of berries. The first duo to fill the vase and spill a berry would win immunity, come off the block and dethrone the HoH who nominated them.

the HoH competition called BB Rager was played. The object was to walk across a balance beam and carry six kegs to the other side.
HouseGuests played the HoH competition Underwater Polo, in which the goal was to knock a ball into the highest number slot, numbered 1–29, on the end of the field.
Abraca-BOB-ra Battle of the Block competition.
Deviled Eggs HoH competition. The goal was for the duos to maneuver an egg through chicken wire while passing it back and forth between partners. The first pair to collect 12 eggs was the winner.
The nominees then played in the Knight Moves Battle of the Block competition.
Safety Competition ("Tempted by the Fruit"): The remaining eight HouseGuests battled for their lives in the Tempted by the Fruit competition. In this competition, HouseGuests had to stand on a trapeze bar while holding on to a rope. If a HouseGuest fell off, they had to select an apple from a serpent. Four apples contained safety, while three apples were "poisonous".
Head of Household ("Hangs in the Balance"): Big Brother 18 winner Nicole hosted the HouseGuests in the Hangs in the Balance Head of Household competition. In this competition, HouseGuests were divided into four same-gender teams. One at a time, HouseGuests had to swing across their ropes and grab a rotten apple and then return it to their station. However, they were all tempted by a golden apple: the first HouseGuest to return a golden apple would earn safety for the week, but would also eliminate their entire team from the competition. Josh took the temptation, eliminating his team. The first two teams to retrieve eight apples would advance to the second round of the competition. The pink team and the blue team were the winners, who then went head-to-head to balance seven apples on a tree. However, only one person per team could compete. The first HouseGuest to successfully balance their apples would be the first Head of Household.
Power of Veto ("Fin to Win"):
Head of Household ("Sugar Shot Head): Sponsored by the new CBS game show Candy Crush. In this competition, candies would fall into the yard. The HouseGuests needed to search the candies for tickets. Each ticket would give them one shot on the board. HouseGuests could exchange tickets and take up to three shots at one time. The first HouseGuest to land a ball in the center heart would be the new Head of Household.
Power of Veto ("Path of Least Resistance"):
Head of Household ("Space Cadets"): The HouseGuests blasted off in the Space Cadets Head of Household competition. In this competition, HouseGuests stood on a small foothold and held on to their handles, trying to stay on the side of the space station. The last HouseGuest standing will be the new Head of Household.