Experienced Life
2020-07-20 20:16:13 (UTC)

Feeling more energized 💪

So today's gym session was good. Not too hot. We are in the shade and they had one of those big commercial fans blowing so It was a good day to work out. It was over and I wanted more. We still work out outside due to State rules and I got there early so I was able to sneak in some jump roping. All good :)

Work wasn't so bad. 1/2 way done with this fricking stupid crazy project. I documented my work and I can train someone on how to do this easier and less stressful next time. So hopefully I won't have to do another for awhile.

I feel so pumped again. Yesterday's jump roping and today's workout makes me feel so much better. And when I'm happier, the world goes round and round a lot better. One of the gym ladies is texting me more and more lately. We were so-so gym friends but she is initiating a lot of our chats on fb. I'm not complaining but it makes it hard to keep my gym peeps out of my dating life. Here is her pic. She's really strong too. One of the better gym peeps and I'm including the men so she's that good. She's Persian and I say that because I don't exactly know which Country she's from. lol. I never care about stuff like that. I think she's cute though. Pretty hard to be a good boy 🙄

I still got some pent up energy so I'll sneak in 1,000 skips on the jump rope. Just waiting for it to cool down just a bit more outside.

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