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2020-07-19 21:43:54 (UTC)

Did my jumps 🦘3,000

Ok, I slacked off last week because I was feeling a tad bit dizzy. Maybe too much caffeine. Dunno. I knew pushed it to the brink though. Tonight, I did my little jump roping. Not breaking any records and I took my time. So... 3,000 rope jumps today. Easy-peasy but I wanted to make sure I don't keel over and I think I'm ok. We'll see how tomorrow's workout goes. I feel good at the moment. Don't feel like I even jumped all that much. I do like how my legs are toned after jumping. :) Haha. The little things.

Had a good dinner. Sal-lad consisting of chicken breasts, spring salad mix, almonds, dried cranberry, 6 of those small red and orange bell peppers but they weren't bell shaped, and maybe 4 slices of jalapeno with my vinegarette dressing. I completely forgot about the dang avocados sitting on my kitchen table. Doh!!! Still, a healthy meal nonetheless.

When I moved my truck back in the garage, something was wrong with my truck. The custom floor lights I installed weren't working. I hoped and prayed it was just the batteries on the remote. Swapped them out because it's the easiest thing to test first. Crossed my fingers first and Voila!!! I works!!! Whew!!! Can't have my baby being sick 😜 I can't believe how the simple things in life is enough at times. Men, I tell you. So easily squirreled at times. But it's so cool to have. Unlike my old Explorer having only blue color, I can chose from a bunch of colors to light up the floor. If I feel like it, it can also flash to the beat of the music. You know, to get you prepped for your epileptic seizure from the flashing lights 🤪
I turned off the sound due to copyright infringement issues. Lol. Nah, I just messed it up. Phone synced with one of my headsets somewhere so no sound was heard by the phone. Another doh moment. The vid doesn't do it justice but the colors look a lot cooler in person.

Well, that's it for tonight. I will have a glass or two of wine, watch some brain mushing show on tv then it's back to work early tomorrow morning.

Oh, I tried going to the Notary to take care of my brother's request but UPS was closed today. Whoops and oh well, I don't care. Maybe tomorrow :)

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