taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-07-20 02:41:10 (UTC)

technology update

- the wayward scooter hath returned with a new battery. and that's it. i should have challenged the diagnosis/remedy but... it's above my pay grade rn. trying to not drown during conversations tbh. It already seized up on moderate 8k route down by the rideau. it's wiring corrosion or looseness, but undetectable to the experts at good access. not the greatest experience with them ever - they went on vacation for a week and were not exactly timely with the communication. chalk it up to pandemic hellscape collateral. not sure what to do now.

- my solo 2 tank of a vape peace'd out yesterday. Error5, something heat element related. it put in a good 3 years ~heavy use~ but fuck. i had just gathered an abundance of delicious weed.

my shit is cursed yo.

nothing else is allowed to break henceforth, besides the remaining shards of will i cl

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