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2020-07-20 02:05:26 (UTC)

Good night

As I guessed it, nothing but empty promises.
I’m having to move stuff myself, he claims I didn’t tell him in time.

He was pissed it took me an hour to message him back, but he was gaming for 5 hours, from 130-630

I’ve decided, only Sheldon and I will go to Florida. His little princess shouldn’t be pissing and shitting in her house. She pisses and shits in mine, and he claims it’s because she doesn’t like it here.

But she can go 8 hours in an apartment without any accidents???
Who the hell are you kidding?

I’m ready for bed.
Steam cleaned and bleached the carpets as soon as they left.

I have cable tv coming tomorrow or Tuesday and WiFi on Thursday.

I will do my PSN and keep myself on invisible so he can’t see me on.

He was looking to argue tonight and I didn’t go there.

But, have a great night.
I’m off to dreamland.