Experienced Life
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2020-07-19 10:32:10 (UTC)

I need to pump the brakes 🤨

I've been so busy at work lately, I'm doing way too much of everything. I need to slow the hell down. I'm not doing a lot of my so called morning meditation as much as I normally do. You know, not to sit cross legged and closing my eyes and say "hmmmmmm". Nope. My mediation is to wake up, make my morning coffee. Just listen to the nothingness in the morning. Stop the little hamster wheel in my head from spinning and just relax.

Work has taken me out of my zone. I now have to get ready ASAP to take care of my nightmare project. I come home mentally exhausted. Sometimes I work too late so I miss out on gym. The heat makes it challenging too. Not feeling like doing jump ropes in the garage when it's near 100°. So... I vow to wake up in the morning and even though I'm not a morning guy, I'll promise myself to get at least 1,000 jump ropes. It's still cool in the morning. At least that way, I get some workout no matter how busy it is. Then I can hopefully start my day off with a clearer mind.

I'm keeping my schedule light today. Going to go do the paperwork my brother wants regarding my Mom's funeral thing. I have to get something notarized and faxed over to Hawaii. And supposedly, they will gladly reimburse me for it. Haha. What a joke. They can just kiss my ass. I don't need their pretend unselfish gestures when I know they are all fighting for the $1,000,000 house and apparently, the $300,000 my Mom left behind. Well, they can just leave me out of it and live their life with greed and bickering.

After that errand, I need to do some grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. I think I'll add some avocado to my salads. So far, I've been using spring mix for my main leaves, slivered no salt almonds, dried cranberry, mini mixed bell peppers, slices of chicken breasts, and Trader Joe's vinegarette dressing. I stopped using sliced grape tomatoes. I never checked and assumed it was good for me but I think it's now not the best for my gut. Hmmm. So I'll try this for awhile and see if it helps with my weight and gut.

That's it for now. Oh, I don't think I want to proceed with chatting with Blue Faye. I don't see the outcome being positive. I don't see her growing up that quickly since we last met. I'm guessing it's been about 6-7 months now? Dunno but I don't feel like rehashing that past. Maybe it's because I have a lot of gym peeps telling me they miss me so I'm now a little arrogant maybe? I don't know. Haven't really been doing too many deep thinking lately due to work being so busy. Oh well, we shall see how life unfolds this year. It has been an unusual year for all for sure. I'm not any different.