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2020-07-18 21:05:44 (UTC)

Death and Taxes 🙄

HAHA. Just felt silly with the title. Sort of. I did my taxes today. I don' t know how but I still got almost as much back this year as I did the previous year. The thing is I took 3 months off from work for my neck surgery. Yet, I still got $3,200 coming back. Curious? Yes. I'm going to question it? Hell no!! Show me the money!! Haha. I'll get another kayak for sure. I recall having three kayaks at one point. Then I had two. Ex gf mucked up my other one and was down to one. So with this, I'm getting another kayak for sure. Another Hobie and maybe an inflatable two person kayak too. But not sure. It'll be too much to spend on two kayaks.
This is one I'm getting for sure.
This may be an optional 3rd one. Inflatable and two seater.

I had to work today so my Saturday is meh... Didn't get to hit the gym. There was another get together today at my friends house and I actually was offered a ride by Heidi so I could get drunk..again. lol. It was a hot day in the 90s and it would have been nice but I didn't feel like it. I saw who were going and I know most of them but I just wasn't feeling it.

I also felt like cleaning the house today. Trying so hard to clean the kitchen and win back my valuable counter space again. Clean both bathrooms. Do my laundry. Wash the dishes. Organize one of the bedrooms that I use as a store room. It keeps the garage looking cleaner and less cluttered so it's all good. I'm also purging some things. I'm holding off drinking tonight for a little bit. I'm waiting for the temperature to drop so I can jump rope in the garage. It's still hot out right now and it's already 9:30PM. Well, 84° F but it'll drop to 59°. Now that is a nice temp to jump rope in. I'll wait till it gets below 80°. So for now, I have to stay sober. Tonight's goal is 3,000 jumps. Not a record but good enough to get my legs tones and for me to sweat a little.

That's all I got for now. Drama free day.

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