deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-07-18 08:51:59 (UTC)

An exquisite moment - His Part /her Part

Another busy week for U/us both, but One moment stood out for its intensity! Tuesday had been a day where we both had full schedules. We were together in our virtual home, but not really able to talk due to multiple work zoom meetings, etc.. As the day wound down and it looked as if time would steal or intimacy, we casually spoke about the next day as an opportunity. Then I remarked that her pretty neck would look so sexy with bruises from my hands. Suddenly she looked at me with sultry eyes and we “instantly “ went to a “place”. I grabbed and her and thrust her up against the wall, off the ground. She chimed in with “feet dangling and toes curling “ as our scene exploded from there. Her gasping and Me pressing harder to keep her suspended as I exuded sexual rage that came out of nowhere. She later told me she had a rush of hormones at that moment unlike anything she had Ever experienced. I held her against that wall until her breathing became raspy and her legs then wrapped around me in submission and she slumped to My body. I then carried her to the bed and pressed her down, then quickly yanked her top and shorts off. After a brief look at her panties, they too were yanked off and discarded over My shoulder. It was at this moment she spread her legs open wide and murmured “F u c k m e”.

My slut will take the story from here....
In many ways the day is both crystal clear, and yet clouded. As Master noted it all happened in an instant -- discussing dinner plans and meeting the next morning, to an intense, very spontaneous "romp". Hormones and testosterone flying, clothes being shed, and intimate mounting with little delay. i do not believe i ever went from such a non-sexual state of mind to totally united in what seemed like seconds. Like teenagers we connected and the animal instinct between us quickly carried us over the finish line. In a heartbeat that simple statement on his part turned me into a wanton woman and thankfully He was able to oblige, and together we reached a blissful conclusion. It was an experience we shall both recall and savor for a very long time.
Thank You for writing the introduction to our story, Master. i hope the conclusion meets Your expectations.
Love, always,