Do Not Disturb

2020-07-18 03:13:11 (UTC)

Addicted To You

Ever since, I've been trying this mocha frappe at work and been hooked on it and getting it ever since but this time a large.

Still no texts or call from C. I'm just thinking about blocking him and let him think on why I blocked him which he probably won't because he has a "girlfriend".

Ivan the guy that I use to like called me fat today. He wasn't saying, "You're fat." But in a joking manner. Because a girl dropped her bun on the floor when.she opened it and asked for a remake and then he told me that I could have the "Big Mac" and started laughing. It felt like he was trying to call me over weight and ever since then my mood has changed after that. I HATE HIM SO MUCH !!!! I also wish I never met him. I don't know why I even like him. And if, he ever was the manager at Mcdonald's that will be the day I leave just like Terry said. Because I can't take his shit no more all because I use to like him. I do say something back I do. But I'm really just about to go off on him in the entire store. I don't care who's their. I don't care if, his girlfriend or his mother's their. I can bring my mother and Grandmother up here too. And that's on...PERIODTTT!!!

Mood: 😡

- A