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2020-07-16 21:21:44 (UTC)

Got a call from Sis 🙄

I knew someone needed something from me. So...Sis called. She said we needed to help with signatures for... guess what? The burial for my Mom. Apparently, all the siblings need to sign something to be able to bury my Mom next to Dad. Actually, beneath Dad in the same plot. Don't ask. It's Hawaii so land is precious there. So once again, they need me when it suits them. But the will or sharing funds? Nope. Crickets in that area. Just need me for whatever suits their needs. Ok, I'll play. That's fine.

Sis is mad that even my youngest brother's girlfriend (not wife) is in the will. So she gets a chunk of Mom's stuff. Well... I say good job all you greedy people. Salut to your evil greed! I don't need it. I'm tempted. I could use 1/6 of a million bucks but I think that's the devil messing with my head. I'm ok. I get paid $112K a year. Not starving for sure. lol. I got pretty much all I want so I'm good.

In fact, if I did hook up with someone, I think I could make their life a little better. Mind, body, soul, and finances. Especially the body part. haha. Just me.. doing drunken texting so pay no mind to my bs. I admit, I think more and more about being with someone special again. I think I'd be ok as a dude partner. Dunno..the jury is still out on that one ;)