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2020-07-16 18:18:30 (UTC)

Work update👍

So there were three of us that got pretty much the same project. The cowboy that don't share and has done this before has one. I got one and my other peer got one and he too didn't do this before. Well, today, I saw this cowboy and he is actually behind me in progress. Haha. The dude that has done some of these before is behind me. And guess what? I found a way to do it faster. So will I show him how? Hell EFFING NO!! He can pull my finger. Haha. My other buddy is doing fine and he is a little ahead of me. I did run into a little issue and the brains of the outfit that built this infrastructure is hard to get. This is the problem when you are telecommuting. You can goof off and not do real work. Anyway, I'm glad I got further along and I can actually see the light.

I drove over to my mechanic on the way to work. I said I didn't hear this noise before but he didn't believe me. Yeah.. fudge!!! Sure!! Call me a liar but it wasn't there before. Ugly sound but it's not really bad. One of the motor mounts is bad and the cushion part broken so you hear a clunk when you go over a bump or when I step on the gas. So they won't take anything off and they already got me for over $1K on my 100K service. Timing belt is the big one there. So although my mechanic pissed me off, I got no choice but to get it fixed later. $200 total for it.

I didn't make the gym again today. Too busy with work. Also got my Dr appt for my surgery in Aug.I needed to prescreen to make sure I don't drop dead on the operating table. You know what? It'll be good that I go. I get to go on SDI for as long as 3 months should I choose to. I think I'll just take 2 months this time. lol

Anyway, feeling a little better. Once this nightmare project is done, I get to do my normal hard but familiar work. Turning up virtual Palo Alto firewalls, building connections to Azure and AWS, SDWAN stuff, helping my peers with some vmware environments we have. :) And some goofing off too I'm thinking.

At home now. Time for some alcohol :)

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