Do Not Disturb

2020-07-15 22:39:36 (UTC)

Rainy Day

My two books came in and this time in a box the one that I had last time was only one book and it came later than the two books that I had came early. One of them is smaller than, what I expected to be but I love it and can't wait to read it and the other book by Bella Thorne.

My mom met this Preston guy and he's been coming over ever since and it makes me miss when me and C use to hang out a lot but now he's doing night shifts and stuff. I doubt he can come this weekend because I'll be working all this weekend. I close Saturday, wrok Friday1-9 and then Sunday 2-10 I think.

I made way more on my check today then what I did on lmy last two checks and also I still had $7.00 on my card. Lucky me. But now I have less than $500 and all on one day but it was on things I need. I never knew that I would spend $120 dollars at Wal Mart but it was stuff I needed stufd I really wanted. And then we had Zaxby's today for lucnh and I ended up buying my Grandma some food even though I didn't want too. As long as my mother pays me back its all good amd she will. I didn't expwct to pay $120 at Wal Mart but its okay I still have a lot left over.

Texted C but only for a little while he was saying how the reason be barely text me or call me is because he be busy but he be having me on mute because he says that I'm blowing up his phone but yet he be in a whole nother vall and ignoring me even though he says I'm not and I be trying to explain to him how I feel about the situation and what he's doing and how it makes me feel but he's tired of saying the same things over and over again. So, I'm just not gonna say them again.

This is exactly why I just wanna be single. He says he's not using me but he went back out with his girlfriend that they were on a break on not even thinking abiut how I would feel about it because I'm just someone he had sex with a bunch of times. Sometimes I really wish I didn't meet him because he's becoming a real jerk right now and an asshole with it. But like my mother said fuck him. He was never interested in me. He can keep saying how he never used me but he did because he went right back out with her. He doesn't wanna text me or call me. We're not even together anyways. I don't care anymore. I just wanna go to college and move far away from my hometown as possible. I been hated it here anyways. Ever since I came back. Hopefully, I'll leave next year.

Mood : Tired of it

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