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2020-07-16 06:51:14 (UTC)

Getting my ass off the floor 💪

Oh man! My body is hurting. Glad I took a day off yesterday. I look back and realize that camping was not a sit back and relax thing. We were on a slope so my legs were put to the test. Also, kayaking was tough at the lake. It got windy and the wind was slowing down my speed at times from 2-3 mph. Normally, I'd cruise at about 2.5-3.5 mph when I kayak so I really had to push it at times. I think that's why Monday and Tuesday's gym workout was tougher than normal. So I'm cutting it down to just 4 workouts this week.

I know I was hurting these past couple of gym sessions but I saw on fb that they filmed us working out. I saw that all but me and this other guy was doing it the modified way meaning the easier way. So now I know I push hard at the gym. I mean, why go if you are gonna half ass it? Oh yeah, due to the Governor making more rules, indoor gyms are closed again. So the owner has us out in the parking lot working out instead. I love it. I love how my gym just never gives up and finds a way to work out. Good thing my gym in Folsom has like an underpass thingy between two buildings so we are in the shade! Otherwise, I can't deal with working out in the sun under 100° F .

Yesterday, I put a dent on this effed up project that has no head or tail. I have a foundation on what I need to do. The butthole engineer that did a few of these didn't answer any of my questions. I don't get along with this cowboy lone wolf attitude of his anyway so forget him. I'm way smarter than he is and I was always on the top of my class in anything all my life. He will fall by the waist side once I'm all caught up on this and blow past him.

I'm not gonna try to get home to Hawaii for any kind of funeral thing. No sense. Sister and I dropped a couple Benjamins and had some local florist drop off the flowers in the coming funeral. Mom lived a long life and so I'm happy for her and she can now be with Dad. He too was pretty abusive to me so I'll just be respectful but not comment much about him. Maybe later one day I can tell some stories about what they did to me but today is not the day. Today I'm trying to pick myself back up.

I remember at camp last weekend, we made our little clique group site at this big group site. Maybe about four of us adults and their kiddos. This lady that participated in my zoom gym sessions I taught for the group was there. She has a pretty nice body. Takes care of herself. Has two kids. One boy about 9 and the girl about 14-15 maybe? Then there was also my other friend I call Suzy-Home-maker. Typical nice soccer Mom and all that. She is cool too and she still likes me even though I'm a little on the wild side. Her kiddos love me and we get along great. Known those kids for a few years now. Anyway, the nice body lady named Shannon got a little closer. She said something one morning as I was filling up the percolator with water ready to make coffee. She said "Oh, your gonna make me coffee?" She was smiling and I of course said sure. It made me flashback to the times I used to have coffee with a certain someone as they would bring it to me or I would bring it to them. Those were nice moments I must say. Anyway, back to camp. I did get closer to Shannon. She lives in another city maybe about 40 min away. I told her that if she's ever in town, give me a call and we can hook up for a meal or something. She said sure. Not sure if it was a "give a nice answer sure" or sure sure. lol So there, I planted a very lame but still considered a seed. Anyway, I did get a bunch of people that were impressed with my Truck and kayak trailer setup. Mostly the women so that was an ego boost. I know I know, shallow for me to like it but I'm trying to feel better about myself here so tough.
Here is a couple of pics. Only took one at camp. The pics are on my go pro but I'm having operator issues transferring it from my go pro to the computer so no camp pics for now except for one taken from my phone.

I took a shower yesterday and noticed I have a nice tan on my legs!! Woohoo! Not bad. Not bad at all. Can't tell from any pic but I can see it.

Well, I need to get ready and try to put another dent on this project at work. Also need to set up a few personal appts for other things. I should be able to hit the gym today. It's cardio day today.

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