Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2020-07-16 03:31:35 (UTC)

Beyond furious

The world's been nerfed because of this stupid virus shit, because we've never had viruses before until now and scientists have suddenly become too inept to figure out what's going on with this super mega ultra powerfully new thing. Then coming out of work dog fucking tired and dealing with the same passive subhuman treatment from you fucking females with your purse-clutching, cutting me off when I'm obviously busy doing shit, running to your car doors to lock them when I'm trying to get to my own fucking life. General disdain and unfriendliness based on the fact that I don't bear resemblance to you, possess the good genetics you prefer or appear as the person in charge so you're unable to treat that person as a fucking human being, in which you get offended or feel attacked because apparently it's within your genetic predisposition and therefore have no awareness or freewill in the matter and are just running on primal fear like an animal with no concept of how you fucking treat others who look different from you DESPITE all your talk of equality in treatment yet are unable to practice what you preach, either due to your same nature, narcissism, apathy, bitterness or whatever god awful human traits you fems were fucking born with. You know, the usual annoyances. It only seems slightly amplified by the fact that I have to keep fucking working, standing 11-12 hours straight with this fucking mask and half the shit not open yet the blatant disrespect and lack of appreciation continues at 120%. But that's basically every fucking day. No, what has me furious is the whole tax refund scenario. Too late now. IRS has made it IMPOSSIBLE to figure out your status. Good luck getting them on the phone, and their stupid app tool has bad reviews because they basically can't find your records. Did taxes since late February. My tax guy has gone silent as we never got our shit. Get out of work late, can't even get something to eat because it's fucking closed. Nothing is working. Nothing is operational. But when people count on you, you don't get to stop. You don't get to rest. You have to keep on working hard. You don't have time to fuck off. You gotta use your brain. You gotta be ON 24/7. Gotta keep fucking working, and working, and working, even when there's nothing to show for it but the same dissatisfaction and disrespect to our fucking faces. We don't have the option to lower our standards. We have to keep fucking working. Everything is always on our shoulders. We don't lose responsibilities. Only game them. We spent our lives working for everything and everyone else but not fucking ONCE can something or someone do right by us. NOT EVEN THE ONE TIME we ask it too. Fuck it. Can't just stop though. Gotta keep fucking moving, like a slave. Yeah, life is a fucking burden. It's only a gift for those who have time to enjoy it. The rest of us are too busy cleaning up other people's shit. Nothing enrages me more than when you put in the time and effort to methodically plan something and it gets ruined by some idiot's ineptitude. All that work and planning for nothing. What a fucking joke. Just like this country. I'm already at maximum rage but why are we still protesting shit? People still need a reminder that treating other people like shit is wrong? We're still in the 1950's or something? What the fuck is this? If I get any angrier I'm going to get more dizzy than I already am. You have to EXPLAIN simple humanities to people. Still. I'm fucking done. Country is beyond inept. And worse thing is, it can always be worse. Life is a fucking joke. It's okay though, no time to thing about our existence, because I gotta be back at fucking work in a few hours and I'm too pissed to sleep. FUCK I can't even rant microsoft has to fucking update. Here's another example of an inept company. They can't fix their shit OS but they can update their start menu so that the color matches your current theme? That's what they consider an important update? "Me dumb me like pretty colors". Fucking useless. Yeah tax people can't find your fucking info so you should just not pay fucking taxes. In typical life fashion you'll be punished for doing wrong but get NOTHING when doing what you're supposed to be doing. I'm not talking about a fucking reward just for existing. I mean just having something that's supposed to function ACTUALLY FUNCTION. Fuck! Nevermind, no time for that, gotta be on 120%. No time to relax or turn my brain off. Constantly have to be the responsible one. Constantly have to make sure everyone else doesn't FUCK UP. Because if you don't do it well it just won't get done, apparently. This isn't one of those moments where I get mad then blow it off after a few moments. I find myself generally pissed ALL THE FUCKING TIME now. And when I wake up, I'm angry that I even woke up and didn't die in my sleep. The punishment MUST continue. Life is so fucking GREAT. Yeah see ya at work in a couple of hours. Same shit. There's no time to do anything else in this world but work and get angry. Aaaaaand my vision is getting blurry because of this. Whatever. Fucking done. DONE. LETS WORK SOME MORE! WHY? Don't ask such things.