Please leave no scuff marks.
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2020-07-16 03:14:52 (UTC)

easier to leave with no cops

So after skipping a day, and working my ass of by accident, I went to Rhumshack.
First there was Justin. Justin was drunk and bragging about having the biggest the car dealership in DC. And it turned out, by his friends, that he did indeed have a big enough dealership to party in Lake Worth. Okay. He was all touchy-feely. In the middle of a pandemic. It got me a bit twitchy. So when the barmaid, who had much nicer boobs, touched me, I wasn't ready.
Then, about the time I was leaving, came the reason to stay put. The cops were there. Deputy Sheriffs. Not sure why. Didn't ask. Thing was, walking out of a bar and into a car, has the kiss of death to it. So I was thoughtful. First thouth was, if they look at me I'LL take Uber. So I walked to my car. Always refreshing to walk. Then i noticed the deputies were the last block back and I wouldn't pass by them at all. So I drove home. Made it.
Had a snack, watched some TV, and went to bed.
such is life.

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