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Friends Thurs (2017-2025) Clips:

2017: (Season 1) (2017-2018) (From Katerina - Maris)
05-22-2017: Pilot: Opening for the Loveteams/ Friends Thurs: Pop by Friends Thurs Boys (NSYNC Song)
05-25-2017: Friends Thurs: Baywatch & Gradnite Week
05-26-2017: TGIF: Friends Thurs Chant Practice/ Friends Thurs Main Hosts Monderiffics Opening Production
06-01-2017: Friends Thurs: Ready Tweet Go: Katerina & Torres
06-02-2017: TGIF: Game: Wadda Challenge
06-08-2017: Friends Thurs: Performance 2nd: Till the World Ends: Katerina, Dayan, Andrea L and Alex M!
06-09-2017: TGIF: Opening Performance: Pride Week: Baila
06-15-2017: Friends Thurs: Katerina Hosting for the opening performance
06-16-2017: TGIF: Step by Step Dance: Too Close by Next
06-22-2017: Friends Thurs: Fan Art Contest: June 2017: Katerina, Rolan and Sal.
06-23-2017: TGIF: Idare Loser of the Week: Friends Thurs Teammate: Valerie Reyes G!
06-29-2017: Friends Thurs: Swalla Dance Prod: all regular friends thurs girl teammates.
06-30-2017: TGIF: All Star TGIF Teammates watched the Class of 2017 Slideshow High School Memories.
07-06-2017: Friends Thurs: Super Bass: With the all girl Friends Thurs Teammates
07-07-2017: TGIF: Hit me baby one more time: 2017-2018 School Year Opening Production
07-10-2017: Monderiffics: Idare Challenge: Elevator Seniors class of 2018 Girls Edition pt.1
07-11-2017: Tuesdelicious: Idare Challenge: Part 2
07-12-2017: Wednesday Dreamers: Idare Challenge: Part 3
07-13-2017: Friends Thurs: KPOP Opening Idare Challenge
07-14-2017: TGIF: IDARE Challenge: Elevator: Seniors class of 2018 Girls Edition
07-20-2017: Friends Thurs: Katerina x Rolando singing my Boo: 2nd song.
07-21-2017: TGIF: I wanna be the rain: X6 Band for the cover in RBD
07-27-2017: Friends Thurs: Picture of you: Rolan, Ruben M, Carlos Z. (2nd song)
07-28-2017: TGIF: Can we Dance (Tuesdelicious and Wednesday Dreamers Boys) (Katerina Spiel only)
08-03-2017: Friends Thurs: Ready Tweet Go: Katerina R, Roman S.
08-04-2017: TGIF: Karina G, Katerina R: Opening Spiel for the Summer Retro
08-10-2017: Friends Thurs: Pirates of the Caribbean Opening Production: Katerina x Ricardo L.
08-11-2017: TGIF: Wadda: Class of 2018 Boys Edition
08-17-2017: Friends Thurs: Hosting for the Nasty Boys Opening Production: Katerina, Sofia P, and Sal S!
08-18-2017: TGIF: LUWOW Opening Production
08-24-2017: Friends Thurs: Shake it off by Lesly and Katerina./ Laugh a Looza Challenge
08-25-2017: TGIF: Guess The Logo Game/ Idare Laugh a looza Challenge.
08-31-2017: Friends Thurs: Katerina Spiel for the 2nd Act: Sal S - Mi Gente
09-01-2017: TGIF: I wanna Be the Rain - X6: Second Song Act
09-07-2017: Friends Thurs: Sorry not Sorry: School Edition: Alexa E's Sweet 16 Birthday: Spiels: Alondra R.
09-08-2017: TGIF: Never Say Never: Kimberly J, Katerina R, Aaron M, and Liza R.
09-14-2017: Friends Thurs: Katerina's birthday message to Rolan/ Alondra R has left for the show.
09-15-2017: TGIF: Katerina promotion of the Senior Homecoming 2017 Assembly in October 6!
09-21-2017: Friends Thurs: Cheerleader OMI: Back to school Friends Thurs Teammates Edition.
09-22-2017: TGIF: Reggaeton Lento: All star TGIF Boys!
09-28-2017: Friends Thurs: Karaoke Game: Monica Andrea, Katerina R, Vanessa C and Leah R. (song: Sit still look Pretty by Daya)
09-29-2017: TGIF: Homecoming Promo on October 07, 2017: Dani Dani.
10-05-2017: Friends Thurs: Don't forget to vote Daniela "Dani" Redona for the Homecoming Queen 2017/ Daniela Game for Wadda
10-06-2017: TGIF: Daniela for the Homecoming 2017 Week: Opening Performance
10-12-2017: Friends Thurs: We don't Talk Anymore: Duet Song of the week: Daniela and Rolan.
10-13-2017: TGIF: Battle of the O's All Star Opening Production/ Katerina, Rolando, Osmark, Brisa, Jorge T, Gigi, Alan F, Montse for the Halloween Spooky Sunday Promotion
10-19-2017: Friends Thurs: Battle of the O's Final Results
10-20-2017: TGIF: Ready Tweet Go: Montse and Daniela
10-26-2017: Friends Thurs: Alexa participates the Mystery Room Idare Challenge
10-27-2017: TGIF: Thriller - Alexa R, Perla B, Sal S, and Chantal M.
11-02-2017: Friends Thurs: Alexa Redona Slumbook: Facetube
11-03-2017: TGIF: Facebook Shoutouts: Alexa R and Kimberly J (But she just joined on Wednesday Dreamers)
11-09-2017: Friends Thurs: Spiels: Atlantis, Alexa R, Jessica V. (for the opening production)
11-10-2017: TGIF: Atlantis shares for his Graduation Picture experience 2016.
11-16-2017: Friends Thurs: Blame it on the alcohol: Sal, Alexa, Rolan, Torres, Carlos Z Dance Prod
11-17-2017: TGIF: Hosting the Give Thanks Memory Week: With Bella Q, Alexa R (only the friends thurs side for 2 people)
11-23-2017: Friends Thurs: Alexa singing New Rules for her Dua Lipa Cover song
11-24-2017: TGIF: Game: Acting: Harry Potter and the order of phoenix: Cho Chang Harry Potter Only
11-30-2017: Friends Thurs: Team Battle of the O's regular Teammate Boys Singing: Jenny by the click 5
12-01-2017: TGIF: All Star Friends Thurs: Sorry not Sorry Dance
12-07-2017: Friends Thurs: RoLexa: Y No Puedo De Olvidarte: RBD Cover (2nd song)
12-08-2017: TGIF: Deck the Halls/ Up on the housetop: All star
12-14-2017: Friends Thurs: All Friends Thurs Teammates wishing a 2 year anniversary RoLexa.
12-15-2017: TGIF: Dynamite Baile: Alex, Rolan.
12-21-2017: Friends Thurs: Christmas Opening Production
12-22-2017: TGIF: all star Christmas Opening Production
12-28-2017: Friends Thurs: Ready Tweet Go: Winter Break Edition: Alexa Mtz, Alexa R, and Erika N.
12-29-2017: TGIF: New Year 2018 Opening Production: All star TGIF
01-04-2018: Friends Thurs: Facetube: Alexa
01-05-2018: TGIF: All star TGIF Opening: 2012 (It ain't the end)
01-11-2018: Friends Thurs: Bboom Bboom: step by step
01-12-2018: TGIF: IDGAF: Alexa Redona (solo song only, Acoustic: Clean Version)
01-18-2018: Friends Thurs: Shut It down: Opening Performance: Main Host Isela x Nicole M.
01-19-2018: TGIF: Lou Irina Isela hosting Wadda.
01-25-2018: Friends Thurs: Human Hungry Hippos Game: Isela, Aylen S, Andrea O, and Yassi M.
01-26-2018: TGIF: Game: Basketball: Tuesdelicious vs Friends Thurs
02-01-2018: Friends Thurs: All about that Bass - Isela
02-02-2018: TGIF: Ashley Twiford Slumbook from Tuesdelicious
02-08-2018: Friends Thurs: Valentine's Day Opening: All star Friends Thurs!
02-09-2018: TGIF: Game: Dance Off: Monderiffics vs Friends Thurs
02-15-2018: Friends Thurs: Swish Swish Dance: Alehtse, Fretzie, Paulina Mia and Karla G.
02-16-2018: TGIF: Dodgeball: Friends Thurs vs Wednesday Dreamers
02-22-2018: Friends Thurs: 90s Production: Friends Thurs All star.
02-23-2018: TGIF: Battling of the Games Final Results
03-01-2018: Friends Thurs: Dare you (La La La): Fretzie, Monica Andrea and Other Friends Thurs Girls
03-02-2018: TGIF: Monica Andrea Slumbook
03-08-2018: Friends Thurs: All Friends Thurs Teammates wishing a happy birthday to Jorge!
03-09-2018: TGIF: Frida Cano Maris Spiel for the Second Act
03-15-2018: Friends Thurs: Algun Dia: Maristellar R: Second Act
03-16-2018: TGIF: Crystal L performs for her dance in Eastlake High School Dance 2017 (second act)
03-22-2018: Friends Thurs: Earned It: Sarai V, Miguel F (Second Act: Baile)
03-23-2018: TGIF: Boom Boom Pow: Team Tuesdelicious and Friends Thurs.
03-29-2018: Friends Thurs: Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown: Dancing by: Aylen S, Dayan L, Maris R and Valentina C.
03-30-2018: TGIF:
04-05-2018: Friends Thurs: Better when I'm Dancing: Andrea's 17.
04-06-2018: TGIF: Fan Art Time April 2018: Ft. Maris, Samantha J.
04-12-2018: Friends Thurs: Forever: RoMaris Dance Production: 2nd Dance Act
04-13-2018: TGIF: Marissa takes the Mystery Room Challenge
04-19-2018: Friends Thurs: RoMaris Promotion for the Walkout this Friday April 20!
04-20-2018: TGIF: Paola Nava Solo song: Can't Stop Dancing
04-26-2018: Friends Thurs: Jenni R Maris R Spiel for the Second Act/ Wadda game with: Ithalee R, Maris R, Anissa R and Yassi M/ Mystery room challenge: Nadia R.
04-27-2018: TGIF: Ithalee laughed for the Mystery Room Challenge
05-03-2018: Friends Thurs: What you waiting for: RoMaris (opening prod)/ Andrea Rubio promoted for the Gradnite 2018.
05-04-2018: TGIF: All Star TGIF Danceoff/ Thea, Maris for the Ready Tweet Go
05-10-2018: Friends Thurs: Prom Class of 2018 Voting Ends (5/11/2018)
05-11-2018: TGIF: Prom 2018 Promotion: This Saturday May 12th!: Maris.
05-17-2018: Friends Thurs: Pictionary Game: With Team Olympian Stars
05-18-2018: TGIF: Maris' 18 Birthday Wish
05-24-2018: Friends Thurs: Sayaw Darling: Step my step
05-25-2018: TGIF: 4 Minutes Opening Production: (Spiels: Maris R and Dari N)
05-31-2018: Friends Thurs: Step my Step: Ah doo doo Ah da da da
06-01-2018: TGIF: Maris Roman for the opening spiel: Cheap Thrills/ Maris & Torres in Wadda challenge.
06-07-2018: Friends Thurs: All Friends Thurs Teammates Watched the class of 2018 Students in Livestream/ Beverly Cries for the Graduation of 2018
06-08-2018: TGIF: Paulina R for the solo act for the dance Black Swan (2nd act)
06-14-2018: Friends Thurs: Sophisticated Bad Girl: Opening Dance Prod
06-15-2018: TGIF:
06-21-2018: Friends Thurs: Wadda Audience: Maris, Monica Andrea/ Beverly G keeps laughing the IDARE Challenge.
06-22-2018: TGIF:
06-28-2018: Friends Thurs:
06-29-2018: TGIF:
07-05-2018: Friends Thurs: Fan art Time: July 2018: With Brandon F, Erica O.
07-06-2018: TGIF:
07-12-2018: Friends Thurs: Maris Performs Dara's from 2ne1 "Kiss" (Second Act only)
07-13-2018: TGIF:
07-19-2018: Friends Thurs: Lithzy shares for her hair dye/ Audience member for the Hair dye/ Behind the scenes: Lithzy for the Hair dye challenge/ Sophia shows her Graduation Walk pose
07-20-2018: TGIF: Alexia For the Backstage Pass in behind the scenes/ Jessica M for the Artist of the month/ Fanart Time July 2018: With Maris R and Paola O/ Audience for Express yourself with Marissa Lopez and Betsa O.
07-26-2018: Friends Thurs: Knock you Down: Kimberly J, Evan F, Denia V. (With the dancers: Maris R, Rolando R, Thea Lopez, Andrea Leal, Andi Lugo, Brandon F, Victor G) (Spiels: Shau Marquez and Amy Liu)
07-27-2018: TGIF: MLB Opening Production: All star TGIF/ Jorge A, Maris R for the Ready Tweet Go! (Jorge A from Wednesday Dreamers)
08-02-2018: Friends Thurs: One Call Away (Brandon F, Maris R, Rolando R) (second act)
08-03-2018: TGIF: Acting Game Skills: A Walk to Remember
08-09-2018: Friends Thurs: Bebot: Maris, Rolan, Jorgi T, Jorgi M and Sam V. / Game: Hula Hoop with the Categories: Movies in 2000s- 2010s
08-10-2018: TGIF: Sky from Friends Thurs shares about her graduation experience 2016/ Ethel joins the Friends Thurs Teammates.
08-16-2018: Friends Thurs: Ewan: Duet: Maris x Rolan.
08-17-2018: TGIF: Inez, Maris, Josaline (2 are Friends Thurs, and 1 Wednesday Dreamers) for the Ready Tweet Go: Summer Predictions
08-23-2018: Friends Thurs: Some Nights (Amy Liu, Andrea Leal, Mery R, Lizzet M)
08-24-2018: TGIF: Team Up, Team Overload, and Team FTW.
Team Up: (2018-): (Tuesdays- Fridays):
08-28-2018: Team Up: Acting Skills: Maris and Franco
08-31-2018: All star TGIF: Highlight Clip: Maris' ID Picture got Very funnier better than Chantal.
09-04-2018: Team Up: Singing: Maris, Alexa E and Valeria Reyes: California Girls by Katy Perry
09-07-2018: All Star TGIF: acting Skills: Aaron R and Maris
09-11-2018: Team Up: My House: Dance Production
09-14-2018: All star TGIF: Rolando's birthday wish/ Maris abrazo Rolando for the birthday.
09-18-2018: Team Up: Dance: Crush on you: Team Up All Star.
09-21-2018: All star TGIF: Final Results for the Shoutout Level Up
Big Brother Housemates: (2018-2019) (Thursdays-Fridays)
09-24-2018: Pilot: Meet the Friends Thurs Teammates
09-27-2018: Friends Thurs: Maris gave the sweet hug to Rolando for the earlier Semester 1 Fall Break Sessions.
09-28-2018: TGIF: Paint Splatter Challenge/ Maris takes the Big Brother Task
10-04-2018: Friends Thurs: Erika N and Maris: Confession Room Interview
10-05-2018: TGIF: Brenda decides to do for the Big Brother Task Challenge: Venom Task/ Maris just finished the Big Brother Task on September 28th, 2018
10-11-2018: Friends Thurs: Sarai y Maris are practicing "Don't Let Me Down" in the dance rehearsal.
10-12-2018: TGIF: Confession Room Interview: Sarai V, Brenda G, and Maris R.
10-18-2018: Friends Thurs: Anajimena Crying for the losing the game: Baby Bottle Rattle/ Anajimena Confession Room/ Maris hugs Anajimena for the Baby Bottle Rattle Game
10-19-2018: TGIF: Game Challenge: Apples to Apples
10-25-2018: Friends Thurs: Game Challenge: Halloween Scavenger Hunt
10-26-2018: TGIF: Whiteout Assembly Picture This: Maris x Rolando: (Reaction)
11-01-2018: Friends Thurs: Valentina Coppel shares with her mother and daughter pictures/ Maris y Valentina Coppel Interview in confession room/ Game: Thanksgiving Trot
11-02-2018: TGIF: Game: Zombie Apocalypse
11-08-2018: Friends Thurs: Brandon F and Maris R: Survivor Challenge
11-09-2018: TGIF: Brandon F and Maris R: (Team Triton 2013-14) Confession Room/ Maris shares her Homecoming 2017 Experience
11-15-2018: Friends Thurs: Tower Dominoes Challenge/ Torres expected for the Dominoes Tower challenge.
11-16-2018: TGIF: Wednesday Dreamers Lost the HashtagTooLong Challenge.
11-22-2018: Friends Thurs: Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Challenge/ Sarai fainted and she eliminated for the Turkey Trot Challenge.
11-23-2018: TGIF: Friends Thurs takes the Black Friday Shopping Challenge/ Kiyana Confession Room for the Black Friday Shopping Challenge.
11-29-2018: Friends Thurs: Outside of the House: Kiyana T Solo Challenge/ Kiyana Confession Room/ Maris dance solo for the first time.
11-30-2018: TGIF:
12-06-2018: Friends Thurs: Dark Room Challenge: Kiyana T, Brandon F, Murguia and Maris R.
12-07-2018: TGIF:
12-13-2018: Friends Thurs: Maris practices the Anniversary Dance.
12-14-2018: TGIF: RoMaris Anniversary Dance
12-20-2018: Friends Thurs: Christmas Dress Up Frenzy Challenge
12-21-2018: TGIF: Christmas Concert Dance
12-27-2018: Friends Thurs: Cube of tower in 2019/ Friends Thurs Teammates Guess the Throwback Pictures/ Minshew shares his Life on Eastlake In Junior Grade.
12-28-2018: TGIF: Sam reacts for the Middle school Pictures in Rancho Del Rey.
01-03-2019: Friends Thurs: Final Results for the end of the Big Brother Season.
01-04-2019: TGIF: Final Results for the Big Brother Finale Night
(Season 2) (Friends Thurs): (2019-2021) (From Maris-Camila):
01-07-2019: Season 2 Pilot: Tear up with my heart
01-10-2019: Friends Thurs: Wind it Up: Opening Only: With Performance: Brisa D, Tiffany N, Maris R and Anajimena N. (Baile only)
01-11-2019: TGIF: Anajimena sadly appears that Alondra left for the Season 1 show because of the Instagram Issues
01-17-2019: Friends Thurs: Maris spiel for the opening production.
01-18-2019: TGIF: Shoutout to My Ex ( Marie Ysa) (solo act for the second opening)
01-24-2019: Friends Thurs: Maris spiel for the second song spiel "Kpop Sessions" (Andrea L, Maris R, Rolan R)
01-25-2019: TGIF: Fanart for January 25, 2019: With Lou Irina, Maris R, Alma Alejandra.
01-31-2019: Friends Thurs: Fanart January 2019: Maris R, Brandon F and Sammy V.
02-01-2019: TGIF: Hold my Hand: Marissa L, Amy Liu and Mikaela S. (2 Friends Thurs Teammates and 1 Tuesdelicious Member)
02-07-2019: Friends Thurs: Super Bowl Opening
02-08-2019: TGIF: Super bowl Game challenge with the audience.
02-14-2019: Friends Thurs: Valentine's Day Opening.
02-15-2019: TGIF: Act Movie Time: Great Wall for Matt Damon.
02-21-2019: Friends Thurs: Unstoppable: Mariana H and Maristellar Redona: Opening Performance/ Wadda Game: Girls in class of 2022
02-22-2019: TGIF: Act Movie: Anaconda (1997)
02-28-2019: Friends Thurs: Single Ladies (put a ring on it) (Acoustic vs Originals)
03-01-2019: TGIF:
03-07-2019: Friends Thurs: Fanart Time with Amy Liu, Roman S.
03-08-2019: TGIF: Jorge T for the 18th birthday Production (2nd act)
03-14-2019: Friends Thurs: FRIENDS (Anne Marie Cover) (Second Act) (Spiels: Maris and Aylen S)
03-15-2019: TGIF:
03-21-2019: Friends Thurs: Rocketeer (Rolando, Maris, Torres, Murguia: for the opening act)/ Ready Tweet Go: Ashleigh A, Amy Liu/ Norma Alvarez joins the Friends Thurs Gang
03-22-2019: TGIF:
03-28-2019: Friends Thurs: Heads We Roll/ Thriller: Spooky Spring Break Opening Production: Cynthia, Brenda, Maris.
03-29-2019: TGIF: Act of the Movie: Ready Player One.
04-04-2019: Friends Thurs: If I ain't you: 2nd act/ Act of the movie: Rampage
04-05-2019: TGIF: Happy by Wolf Canyon Team/ Alexa Silva and Maris R spiel for the Nail Polish Challenge/ Idare The Mystery Room Challenge.
04-11-2019: Friends Thurs: All by Myself (2nd act by Alexa Silva H)
04-12-2019: TGIF: Wadda Audience: Maris & Noel P (Team Friends Thurs Agents)
04-18-2019: Friends Thurs: Rain Over Me: Opening Production: Maris R, Rolando R, Bella Q, Cyedy J, Tony Rubio and Ithalee R.
04-19-2019: TGIF: Rolando and Cynthia Promotion of the Eastlake High School Prom 2019
04-25-2019: Friends Thurs: Ang Maya Karaoke/ Fan Art time with Andrea Leal and Maris R.
04-26-2019: TGIF: Versace on the Floor Karaoke with the audience.
05-02-2019: Friends Thurs: What you Got: Second Act
05-03-2019: TGIF: Maris Trend Twitter for the Esteban's Prank Day Challenge/ Paola Eunice performing: Somewhere over the Rainbow for the acoustic version.
05-09-2019: Friends Thurs: Guess the Starbucks Flavors Game/Kristine Diane wishes her birthday gift.
05-10-2019: TGIF: Erika A for the Facetube Video
05-16-2019: Friends Thurs: Make some noise for Celine G!
05-17-2019: TGIF: Make some noise for Maris R/ Rolando's birthday wish & message to Maris/ Julia A & Maris R for the Wadda game challenge/
05-23-2019: Friends Thurs: Written the stars: Sammy x Maris (Second act)
05-24-2019: TGIF: Leeza, Ana Paula, Maris R for the spiel of the Endgame Opening Production/Wadda Game at the end of the Seniors 2019 edition.
05-30-2019: Friends Thurs: Teen Rescue: Maris x Sammy/ Telephone Second Dance: Andrea L, Andrea Leal, CSF Moon.
05-31-2019: TGIF: Make some noise for the Wednesday Dreamers and Tuesdelicious: Nadine K and Clay Clay!
06-06-2019: Friends Thurs: June 2019 Fanart Time with Jonny S and Maris R/ Idare challenge: May E just cried and laughed for the Beehive game challenge.
06-07-2019: TGIF: Arath shares his failure Ceremony for the Olympian Graduation/ Maris x Arath in Ready Tweet Go!
06-13-2019: Friends Thurs: Coral, Esteban B, Maris R for the opening spiel/ Esteban B shares his girlfriend Alehtse/ Road to Jerusalem with Esteban B, Jesus Perez, Jonny S, Shauuu, Ricky Mar and Ryan C!
06-14-2019: TGIF: Maddie C (From Monderiffics) and Maris R for the audience Wadda in Class of 2019 Team Olympian edition: Girls Edition.
06-20-2019: Friends Thurs: All or Nothing (second Act) (Spiels: Thea Lopez and Maris R)
06-21-2019: TGIF: Make some noise Linette Segura from Tuesdelicious!
06-27-2019: Friends Thurs: Danica B, Esteban B, Maris R for the opening production for the spiel.
06-28-2019: TGIF: Happy Last day of summer school for Ready Tweet Go!
07-04-2019: Friends Thurs: 4th of July Opening Production
07-05-2019: TGIF: Dani Amores, Maris R: Sorry by Beyonce (2nd act: Dancing)
07-11-2019: Friends Thurs: Step my step: Short short man/ Elena Q and Erika N for the second opening production: Last Dance.
07-12-2019: TGIF: Summer games Challenge with Renata D, Cristian D, Maris R, and David Cruz. (David cruz is in the Monderiffics)
07-18-2019: Friends Thurs: Hungry Human Hippo Game Challenge: Shelbi A, Jessica May, Maris R, Leslie C, Brittany B, Priscilla B, Nadia R and Kathy B.
07-19-2019: TGIF: Thalia, Karina A, Mariel Rose, Maris R, Alexis L, Grecia A, Andrea Jade and other Friends Thurs Girls for the What a Girls Want Dance prod (2nd act)
07-25-2019: Friends Thurs: Max and Maris: Flamenco Dance for the opening production/ Jorge R & Maris R for the Facebook Contest Pictures & Comments
07-26-2019: TGIF: Anni O for the Instagram Caption Challenge/ Facetube Slumbook: Carolina O/ Idare Challenge: Karen P loses the challenge
08-01-2019: Friends Thurs: Hold my Hand/Rather Be Jess Glyne Mashup (Nani Marie, Emile G, Haile H, Maris R) (spiels: Gigi, Rolando: Team Spooky 2017)/ Gigi & Rolando for the Ready Tweet Go: Luwow 2019 Predictions
08-02-2019: TGIF:
08-08-2019: Friends Thurs: Hey Mama (David Guetta and Nicki Minaj For the Dance Prod: Bri Villarreal, Pau Pau G, Maris R, Lugo Andi)/
08-09-2019: TGIF:
08-15-2019: Friends Thurs:
08-16-2019: TGIF:
08-22-2019: Friends Thurs:
08-23-2019: TGIF:
08-29-2019: Friends Thurs: What do you Mean? (Cover By: Geovanna G, Jonny S, Yassi R, 24 Rodriguez)/ Ready Tweet Go: Lexah, Maris R.
08-30-2019: TGIF:
09-05-2019: Friends Thurs: Mine (Taylor Swift Cover By: Julia A, Beverly G, Maris R, Celeste L)/ Ready Tweet Go: Geovanna and Roman Gustavo
09-06-2019: TGIF:
09-12-2019: Friends Thurs: Best Song Ever (Rolando, Torres, Roman S, Murguia and Santos)/ Ready Tweet Go: Max, Maris and Norma A.
09-13-2019: TGIF: Make some noise Friends Thurs Teammate: Rolando!/ Maris' birthday wish message/ Elisa, Maris, Celeste L for the Ready Tweet Go/ Hula Hoop Challenge: only friends Thurs girls: Gisselle, Hosanna, Mariela, Francesca D.
09-19-2019: Friends Thurs: God is A woman (Maris performance)/
09-20-2019: TGIF: Make some noise Paulina Gomez from Tuesdelicious!
09-26-2019: Friends Thurs: Leeza A, Maris R for the Jalisco Vibes (promotion)
09-27-2019: TGIF: Paulina G, Rolando R, Maris R, Leeza A, Iliana B, Sal S, Alexis M, Ana Paula I, Ana Nicole are promoting to Jalisco Vibes.
10-03-2019: Friends Thurs: Selfie Challenge with the audience: Maris R, Ashlee B, Diana Kate and Leslie C.
10-04-2019: TGIF: Life of the Party Step My Step/ Roberto E, Maris R from Ready Tweet Go/ Chasing Pavements performance: Jane D!
10-10-2019: Friends Thurs: Brenda Arenas Canta for the Lana Del Rey: Summertime Sadness for her acoustic (2nd act)/ Ready Tweet Go: Cano and Marifer/ Wadda Game: Maris and Danica B.
10-11-2019: TGIF: Monster Mash all star TGIF/ Aira, Sammy V for the ready Tweet Go!/
10-17-2019: Friends Thurs: Break the Ice: Maris R (second act) (Dancers: Ithalee R, Roxana R, Diana Martinez, Bella Q, Paulina Q, Pau Pau Pau Martinez) (Spiels: Shau M and Madi Kate)
10-18-2019: TGIF: Kimberly S for the Ready Tweet Go/ Karina S for the Laugh a looza challenge/ Loser of the Week: Tuesdelicious Cassie S!
10-24-2019: Friends Thurs: Shut up and Let me Go (Maris R, Paulina R, Cassie N, Samantha G)/ Ready Tweet Go: Rubio, Kimberly E, Abby from 2016 ORH/ Fan Art with Norma Alvarez and Gabby Alvarez: October 2019
10-25-2019: TGIF: Thriller/Heads Will Roll: Opening Production: Spiel: Maris, Norma Alvarez, Rolando R/ Loser of the Week: Sasha V from Monderiffics!
10-31-2019: Friends Thurs: Halloween Opening Production
11-01-2019: TGIF: Halloween Final Results
11-07-2019: Friends Thurs: To Love You More (second act)/ Ready Tweet Go: Julia A, Norma Alvarez, Andrea L/ Fanart November 2019: Nubia and Maris R
11-08-2019: TGIF: Lose you to Love Me (Second act: Maris R)/ Ready Tweet Go: Cassie S and Paulina V.
11-14-2019: Friends Thurs: Listen (second act)/ Ready Tweet Go: Jesus L, Trinity Cruz and Gigi (rradical)
11-15-2019: TGIF: Nancy from Wednesday Dreamers Slumbook/ Ready Tweet Go: Maris R, Gigi, and Katelynn K.
11-21-2019: Friends Thurs: Maris R performing The Worst (Clean) (cover by Jhene Aiko)/ Arahi joins the Friends Thurs Gang/ Arahi shares her Wednesday Dreamers experience
11-22-2019: TGIF:
11-28-2019: Friends Thurs: Francesca D for the Violin Performance/ Sofia first time Ready Tweet Go!/ Jane A for the Mystery Room Challenge/
11-29-2019: TGIF: Eugenio from Friends Thurs just spelled wrong for the class of 2016 reaction/ Ready Tweet Go: Revilla and Maris/
12-05-2019: Friends Thurs: Paulina V, Maris R, Dani G singing: Dreams by Cranberries (opening production)
12-06-2019: TGIF: Joy to the world/Joy to the world (1970s Version) Mashup for the second act (Amanda A, Noella, Franco H, Samantha J, Murguia) (Spiels: Andrea B, Alondra B, Andrea F)
12-12-2019: Friends Thurs: Henny for Facetube/ Step My step: Macarena
12-13-2019: TGIF:
12-19-2019: Friends Thurs: Leslie y Max for the Hula Hoop game challenge/ Claire Santos performance Love Me Harder for the second act
12-20-2019: TGIF:
12-26-2019: Friends Thurs: Gabby C for the Nail Polishes with the girl audience/ Megan C joins the Friends Thurs/ Wadda Game with Meghan R, Megan C, Princess Beltran, and Brittany Morales/ Daniela D performing I will always Love you for the second act/ Idare Challenge: When Maris starts laughing too much
12-27-2019: TGIF: Rolando, Alexa M, Maris R, Jorge T, Jose V, Luly Pico, for the promotion of the Parties 2019/ Lourdes Esparza Joins the Friends Thurs Gang/ Janelle particpates wadda game
01-02-2020: Friends Thurs: I Got Rhythm
01-03-2020: TGIF:
01-09-2020: Friends Thurs: Next to Me (All star Friends Thurs Boys)
01-10-2020: TGIF: J Blavin Medley: All star tgif
01-16-2020: Friends Thurs: Love and Marriage (Spiel: Maris R, Norma A and Leslie C)
01-17-2020: TGIF: Black eyed peas All star tgif
01-23-2020: Friends Thurs: Live it Up (opening production: Monica Andrea)/ Alejandro and Pau Beltran for ready Tweet Go/
01-24-2020: TGIF: Rap Battle: Wednesday Dreamers vs Friends Thurs
01-30-2020: Friends Thurs: My Homies Still (Maris R, Geovanna G, Bella Q, Vanessa M)/
01-31-2020: TGIF: Make some Noise Sam from Friends Thurs/
02-06-2020: Friends Thurs: Where Have you Been (opening prod: Leslie C, Maris R and Norma A)/ Maia Ready Tweet Go!/
02-07-2020: TGIF:
02-13-2020: Friends Thurs: Valeria A and Maris R singing: Zombie (acoustic: for the second act)
02-14-2020: TGIF: I don't like it I love it all star tgif/ Liz birthday production (Liz H from Friends Thurs)
02-20-2020: Friends Thurs: Fanart February 2020: Maia, Geovanna G/ My house second act: Emilio G, Santos, Jorge M and Octavio B. (Spiel for the second act: Mau, Geovanna G, and Maris R)
02-21-2020: TGIF:
02-27-2020: Friends Thurs: Body Party (Second Act for Maris)/ Enrique For Ready Tweet Go!/
02-28-2020: TGIF: Dance Off Challenge: Montse vs Leslie C/
03-05-2020: Friends Thurs: Boy in Luv (Second Act: Mosura and Bianca Alexis)
03-06-2020: TGIF:
03-12-2020: Friends Thurs: Yalexi from Main Hosts for the Picture This Game/ Main Hosts for the announcement of quarantine Shoutout Weekdays/
03-13-2020: TGIF: Shoutout Quarantine Is Coming.
Shoutout Quarantine: (Thursday - Friday)
03-19-2020: Friends Thurs: Serena B, Jamie Faith Mayo, Maristellar R: Low by Flo Rida: Dance Edition
03-20-2020: TGIF: Thea shares for the Family experience
03-26-2020: Friends Thurs: Swalla: Brisa D, Maris R, Alehtse C and Pau Mia
03-27-2020: TGIF: Glenn enjoys with the Friends Thurs Boys/ Dance Practice: Nicole M and Manilla Nico/
04-02-2020: Friends Thurs: Sexbomb Dance: Maris R, Brooke Ashley M, Jamie Faith M, Gabby M.
04-03-2020: TGIF:
04-09-2020: Friends Thurs: Diana D, Ashley M, Maris R singing: The Only Exception
04-10-2020: TGIF:
04-16-2020: Friends Thurs: Nicole M messages with her fans
04-17-2020: TGIF:
04-23-2020: Friends Thurs: Our Song (solo act by Geovanna)
04-24-2020: TGIF:
04-30-2020: Friends Thurs: Old Town Road Opening Act (Maris R, Alexia L)
05-01-2020: TGIF:
05-07-2020: Friends Thurs: Stuck with U: Maris & Ryan C. (second act)
05-08-2020: TGIF:
05-14-2020: Friends Thurs: Ready Tweet Go: Quarantine: Alexa-Patricia and Camila/ Wishing a birthday wish for Camila for her 20th birthday/
05-15-2020: TGIF:
05-21-2020: Friends Thurs: Camila reaction of the Jorge's Hair during the Andre Show/ Pictionary Game.
05-22-2020: TGIF:
05-28-2020: Friends Thurs: Norma ended up for the Noodle ramens/ Arazelli joins the Friends Thurs Getaway
05-29-2020: TGIF:
06-04-2020: Friends Thurs: Jessy experience for her graduation 2016/
06-05-2020: TGIF:
06-11-2020: Friends Thurs: Stephanie vs Camila for the Task Force Challenge.
06-12-2020: TGIF: Final Results for the Shoutout Quarantine
Shoutout (No Audience):
06-18-2020: Friends Thurs: Yummy Opening Production
06-19-2020: TGIF: Celia for the Wadda Game/ Ready Tweet Go: Celia, Camila R, Audrey Carol)
06-25-2020: Friends Thurs: Don't Stop Me Now by Dua Lipa: Camila R. (opening prod)
06-26-2020: TGIF:
07-02-2020: Friends Thurs: Never Be the Same (Dancing: Ann M, Camila R, Brisa D, Karla G, Paulina D)
07-03-2020: TGIF: 4th of July Opening Production
07-09-2020: Friends Thurs: Victor Sanchez and Camila Redona for Ready Tweet Go: Black Lives Matter
07-10-2020: TGIF: Make some noise for Cynthia S!
07-16-2020: Friends Thurs: Geovanna G, Camila Redona: Ready Tweet Go!
07-17-2020: TGIF: Cinthia y Camila: Express Yourself by Madonna for the 80s edition in Girl Solos vs Girl Group Opening Production
07-23-2020: Friends Thurs: Car Wash (For the Shark Tale Dancing) (Baile: Camila R, Thea Lopez, Andi Olmos, Ithalee R)/ Tony Rubio, Camila Redona in Facebook Pictures.
07-24-2020: TGIF: Laura C, Camila R, Celeste L takes the Senorita (Carlos Agassi cover) for the opening production
07-30-2020: Friends Thurs: Tony Rubio, Camila Redona beso during the wadda game/ Tony Serrano and Camila Redona for the Ready Tweet Go/ Papa Boogie Step My Step
07-31-2020: TGIF: Aletse, Camila R for the Ready Tweet Go!/ Karla Puente for the Friends Thurs gang/ Janessa loses the Wadda Game challenge/ Karla Wins for the Hula Hoop Game challenge
08-06-2020: Friends Thurs: Chelsea S, Cristina S for the Wadda game
08-07-2020: TGIF: 4 Minutes Opening Prod (side of the Friends Thurs: Montse and Elizabeth E) / Ready Tweet Go: vanessa guillen tweets: with Janessa D, Camila R, and Elizabeth E/ Summer Game Challenge
08-13-2020: Friends Thurs: Jaylene Joins the Friends Thurs Gang/ Ready Tweet Go with Shau and Gerardo S!
08-14-2020: TGIF: Sunflower Second act (Aaron R, Adrian M)
08-20-2020: Friends Thurs: Make some noise for Valerie Reyes G!/ Valerie Reyes messages with her fans/ Camila's fitness test for the darebee/
08-21-2020: TGIF: Jayla loses the Idare challenge
08-27-2020: Friends Thurs: Julia A behind the scenes for the backstage room for the Shoutout Experience
08-28-2020: TGIF: Jennifer D, Camila Redona for the Opening Spiel/
09-03-2020: Friends Thurs: Devon S joins the Friends Thurs Team/ Jhaeann performing for the White Rabbit for the second production/ Ready Tweet Go: Luwow Predictions: Sal and Anne Regine.
09-04-2020: TGIF: Pillow Talk for the second act
09-10-2020: Friends Thurs: Ashley Marie B, Camila R for the Wadda game/
09-11-2020: TGIF: Crawl: By Ethan, Camila and Rolan: For the Second Act: Dancing.
09-17-2020: Friends Thurs: Make some noise Shauu!/ Ready Tweet Go: Kassie M Kiyana T/ Gia does the Handstand Challenge/ Kiyana's 21 bday wish/
09-18-2020: TGIF: Make some noise Mia H and Bryana V! (From Friends Thurs: For Mia and Bryana Alejandra)/ Leeza Starts doing the Much News Sports at 5:20am
09-24-2020: Friends Thurs: Eileen gets ready for the Love Shot challenge/ Dani and Camila for ready Tweet Go/
09-25-2020: TGIF: Ghost By Camila for the second act/
10-01-2020: Friends Thurs: Gabby for the Ready Tweet Go!/ Jolee enters the Friends Thurs Competition/ Bryana Alejandra for the Idare challenge: Pik Pak Boom!
10-02-2020: TGIF: Make some noise Brandon Cantu!/ Ashley Robles birthday message to Cantu
10-08-2020: Friends Thurs: Ready Tweet Go!: Max V, Jocelyn A, Pau B/
10-09-2020: TGIF: I cry dance production (Team Wolf Canyon)/ Andrew C, Camila R, Mica C and Aliyah H for ready tweet go/ Carmel H joins the Friends Thurs/
10-15-2020: Friends Thurs: Lia Abeazo for her graduation/ Ready Tweet Go: Arahi, Camila, CSF Dahlia L for the second time/
10-16-2020: TGIF: Natalie A, Emily Castillo and Harald for the Ready Tweet Go (Harald from Main Host)/ Kajohn for the Fan art segment
10-22-2020: Friends Thurs: Heartbreaker (Mariah Carey: cover by Paola Eunice for the Second Act)
10-23-2020: TGIF: Jake and Camila for ready tweet go
10-29-2020: Friends Thurs: (Natalie La Rose: Dance with Somebody) Camila R, Andrea L, Noelle M, Haile H, Bella Q and Sarai V. (Opening Production)
10-30-2020: TGIF: Jake reacts for the Spelling name wrong for the Devilla/ Danica for Ready Tweet Go/
11-05-2020: Friends Thurs: Brandon shares his friend with Camila for the throwback memories/
11-06-2020: TGIF: That's Not My Name (Janessa A, Erin A, Taylor A: Second Act) (Spiels: Jose B, Camila R, Paulina R, Rolando R after Ready Tweet Go )
11-12-2020: Friends Thurs: Wild ones (opening act: Emilio G, Karina G)/ Antonio Riggins and Camila R for ready tweet Go/
11-13-2020: TGIF: Lexis C and Riggins for ready tweet go/
11-19-2020: Friends Thurs: Hector B shares with his best friend Cantu/
11-20-2020: TGIF:
11-26-2020: Friends Thurs: Estefania hugs Camila for the first time/
11-27-2020: TGIF: Paolo shares Tweet of August 16 with Camila/
12-03-2020: Friends Thurs: Diana Pena, Camila R, Norma A, and other Friends Thurs Girls singing for the Ariana Grande Songs/ Liz first time ready tweet go/
12-04-2020: TGIF:
12-10-2020: Friends Thurs: Laura D singing for her Lana del Rey song in second act/ Miguel A for the fanart/
12-11-2020: TGIF:
12-17-2020: Friends Thurs: Other Belinda Ramirez joins the Gang/
12-18-2020: TGIF: Kristen Abels didn't participate for the Csf row/
12-24-2020: Friends Thurs: All Star Friends Thurs Teammates/ Ready Tweet Go: Belinda R (she just accidentally for the name again)
12-25-2020: TGIF: Christmas All Star for TGIF/ Closing for the All Star TGIF Dance.
12-31-2020: Friends Thurs: 2020 New Opening All Star Friends Thurs!
01-01-2021: TGIF: 2020 New Year All Star TGIF
01-07-2021: Friends Thurs: What Makes A woman (Nadia R cover)/
01-08-2021: TGIF: All Star TGIF Singing: Some Nights
Big Brother Part 2: (Friends thurs)
01-14-2021: Friends thurs: Saved by the smell Challenge/ Mariah just bombed for the 5th place/ Sammy S confession room/ Avesta got the new haircut/
01-15-2021: TGIF: Leah Robles from Tuesdelicious starts the Task Challenge.
01-21-2021: Friends Thurs: ME! (Rehearsal)/ Geovanna Confession Room/ Bowling Ballerina Game with Julia A, Sophia A, Camila R, Nubia A, Rolando R and Jorge R.
01-22-2021: TGIF: Macias, Adriana, Camila and Rolan in the Valentine's Day Dance Practice/ Macias and Camila in Confession room about the Valentine's Day Dance 2021.
01-28-2021: Friends Thurs: Ash M takes the Audition Dance: Pon De Replay/ Camila and Rolan for the Valentine's Day Dance Audition/ Arahi E, Amanda E, Norma Alvarez cheer squad auditions/
01-29-2021: TGIF: Morning Routine with the Girls/ Sarah Chung from Wednesday Dreamers Confession room about the morning routine for the girls/ Dana A introduces for the Friends Thurs Teammates.
02-04-2021: Friends Thurs: Cheerleading Squad Performance/ Reese M tries to do the Cartwheel for the cheer squad/ Auditions Part 2/ Cesar A and Camila in Confession Room for about the wolf canyon memories in chula Vista/ Thea just scared in front of Lou Lou and Samantha M.
02-05-2021: TGIF: Sofia from Monderiffics that she does not wear the formal clothes in OHS Graduation Ceremony 2017/ Bust your Windows Rehearsal Practice/ Denice for the Confession Room
02-11-2021: Friends Thurs: Ice Cold Veto Challenge: With Camila R, Paola Eunice, Andrea Leal, Murguia, Marissa Lopez and Roxa R/ Tony Rubio x Camila Redona in Confession room for the spending the bedroom during the game.
02-12-2021: TGIF: Montse's birthday wishes to the Tuesdelicious teammates/ Camila R, Andrea Leal, Jenni R, Paola Eunice in Girls Bedroom talking about the School Throwback Pictures/ Game Challenges: Leal Andi, Dani Leal, Reese M, Montse S, Franco H.
02-18-2021: Friends Thurs: Esteban B joins the Friends Thurs Gang/ Camila remembers the Eastlake Middle School Memories such as Monique V, Morgan B, Richie Parker the third, Esteban B and Hannah Vega/ Estefania for the Battle of the Block Challenge/ Denice shares of her brothers experience during the wedding of Brisa's Memorable Night 2015/ Formal Dance Party 2021/
02-19-2021: TGIF: Ariel P joins the Friends Thurs Gang/ Rise and Shine All Star TGIF/ Valentine's Day Discussions/ Jenny dances Boombayah for her solo debut/ Adalis wins the HOH.
02-25-2021: Friends Thurs: Danica Crying/ Roselynn hugs Danica for the Sad Graduation/ Danica B in Confession Room
02-26-2021: TGIF: Ice Bucket Challenge/ Skylar R for the confession room/ Nicole Wade sadly for the prom picture 2019/
03-04-2021: Friends Thurs: Kiana Rodriguez, Camila R, Roxanee R, Ashley Medina, Brooke Ashley, Lupita S, Valerie Adame for the Second Act Challenges.
03-05-2021: TGIF: Face painting challenge: (Ashley J, Jazlyn I, Kiyana T, Camila R, Rocky Rose)/ Rocky Rose for the Confession Room/ Beer Pong Game Challenge for all star tgif
03-11-2021: Friends Thurs: Obstacles Challenge with Teams/ Dani N is eliminated for the obstacles challenge/ Melonie heads out for the Obstacle challenge/ Jazlyn for the Obstacle challenge/ Regina wins the Obstacle challenge/ Iliana got the 3rd place for the Obstacle challenge
03-12-2021: TGIF: Wipeout Challenge/ Kimberly S from Friends thurs got eliminated for the Big Balls game/ Sierra for the Pinky Promise dance challenge/ Cassy N for the bedroom 5 for relaxation/
03-18-2021: Friends Thurs: Sebas for the Beer Opening challenge/ Bea for the Games Challenge
03-19-2021: TGIF: Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge/ Nicole and Mary rose are spiced up again/
03-25-2021: Friends Thurs: Danica B, Kailee N, Celeste L, Camila R, Bella Q for the Dance Production
03-26-2021: TGIF: Spring Break Bonding at Big Brother House/ Kimberly is eliminated for the 5th place/ Brianna & Marley Rose fight once again/ Kimberly and Arahi E for the Confession room for what happened to Marley Rose and Brianna T.
04-01-2021: Friends Thurs: Warmups for the Friends Thurs/ Shelbi Annis for the confession room about the Warmups/
04-02-2021: TGIF: Princess Joins the Monderiffics Team/ Andrea Lara is eliminated for the Spring Break Game Challenge/
04-08-2021: Friends Thurs: Lacrosse Challenge: Camila R, Andrea A, Andrea L, Gabby C Tony Rubio, zay D, Madelyn F.
04-09-2021: TGIF: Alyssa A receive the Big brother fan mail/
04-15-2021: Friends Thurs: Mariel Rose G, Camila R, Karzali, Alan G for setting up the Tasks/ Danelle signs for the Friends Thurs Competition/ Ice Bucket Challenge
04-16-2021: TGIF: Tasks Game: Noel C from Wednesday Dreamers/ Chassi joins the Friends Thurs/ Noel reacts for his Veterans 4th grade picture/ Juliette wrote for the pictionary/
04-22-2021: Friends Thurs: Beach Volleyball Match/ Volleyball Match Results for the Girls/ Ana G, Camila R, Andrea L, Gabby C, Bella Q, Paulina Q, Karina G, Ally L introduced for the Spring Break Photoshoot challenge/ Camila Redona Spring Break Photoshoot challenge/ Racos got mistaken for the Graduation
04-23-2021: TGIF: Paulina A successes for her challenge. Sarena from Wednesday Dreamers for her choreography singing/
04-29-2021: Friends Thurs: Gabby David for the CSF Speech Practice/ Ly Dao for the dance practice for the choreography/ Kissing Booth 2021 for the acting practice/
04-30-2021: TGIF: Finale Results for the Big Brother Part 2.
Season 3: (2021-2023):
05-06-2021: Friends Thurs: Gypsy (Shakira Cover): Andrea A, Cristelle B, Karzali F, Camila R and Emely B. (opening production)
05-07-2021: TGIF:
05-13-2021: Friends Thurs: ME! By Taylor Swift (Cover)/ Camila and Amy Liu for Ready Tweet Go!
05-14-2021: TGIF:
05-20-2021: Friends Thurs: Make some noise for Camila Redona!
05-21-2021: TGIF: Cardigan (solo act: Paulina Q)/ Ready Tweet Go: Alexandra R & Camila R
05-27-2021: Friends Thurs: Camila, Zayra, Valeska, Karliz F singing The Only Exception/ Ready Tweet Go: Camila and Karliz F.
05-28-2021: TGIF:
06-03-2021: Friends Thurs: Talk Dirty to Me (Baile: Camila R, Valeria M, Tony Rubio and Osmark H)/ Ready Tweet Go: Priscilla B and Danica B/ Aimee for the solo act/
06-04-2021: TGIF: Marcela solo act/
06-10-2021: Friends Thurs: Jessica May canta: New Holiday for the second act/ Katelyn For the Backstage Pass Video
06-11-2021: TGIF: Perez For the Fitness Test/
06-17-2021: Friends Thurs: Goodnight n Go (second act: Norma Alvarez, Celina A, Camila R, Ashleigh A and Monica Andrea)/ Facetube: Norma Alvarez and Celina A.
06-18-2021: TGIF:
06-24-2021: Friends Thurs: WTF (Where They From) (Norma A and Camila R for the second act)
06-25-2021: TGIF:
07-01-2021: Friends Thurs: Carnaval de Paris (All Friends Thurs Girls)
07-02-2021: TGIF:
07-08-2021: Friends Thurs: I Got You (I Feel Good) (Sal S, Nicole M, and Leeza A: Second act)/ Lorena Lopez for Ready Tweet Go/
07-09-2021: TGIF:
07-15-2021: Friends Thurs: Adrenalina (Opening prod: Mica M, Norma A, Aira G and Cynthia G)
07-16-2021: TGIF:
07-22-2021: Friends Thurs: Get Ready (opening prod: Sal S, Camila R, and Friends Thurs Dancers)
07-23-2021: TGIF:
07-29-2021: Friends Thurs: Ann R for the Game acting/ Hector S and Camila R for the Ready Tweet Go/ Joana is the only one that she has the last name for the letter U/ Ashley Vera just sawed her sister Josephine from Wednesday Dreamers/
07-30-2021: TGIF:
08-05-2021: Friends Thurs: Cristina and Camila are in the Otay Ranch Photo/ Oscar Alvarez starts for the Match Game participating for his Game challenge/ Lilli and Camila for the Ready Tweet Go: Summer Luwow Quarantine
08-06-2021: TGIF:
08-12-2021: Friends Thurs: You/ You and I mashup (Lilli A, and Camila R)/ Ready Tweet Go: Marjorie E and Nadia R/ Road to Jerusalem/
08-13-2021: TGIF:
08-19-2021: Friends Thurs: Mica, Norma for the Break Free Performance/
08-20-2021: TGIF:
08-26-2021: Friends Thurs: Erlaine joins the Gang/ Genesis starts of the Dance move/ Pau Pau Beltran and Camila for Ready Tweet Go/
08-27-2021: TGIF:
09-02-2021: Friends Thurs: Lexi B and Camila R for the duet song: Blow/ Jascha for the Ready Tweet Go/ Jany for the Mystery Room Challenge/
09-03-2021: TGIF:
09-09-2021: Friends Thurs: Amber, Camila, Pau B, Stefania B, and Josseline are for the Wadda Challenge/ All around the world (Norma Alvarez) (Second act spiel: Brandon Cordero and Camila R)
09-10-2021: TGIF: Locked Out 2 Lit performance/ Norma A, Erin A for the ready Tweet Go
09-16-2021: Friends Thurs: Time Warp (Linette S and Camila R for the second act)
09-17-2021: TGIF:
09-23-2021: Friends Thurs: Valeria for the Fall Game Challenge/ Ready Tweet Go: Vanessa C, Cammy R and Pau B
09-24-2021: TGIF:
09-30-2021: Friends Thurs: Seven Whole Days (Backup singers: Pau B, Camila R, Leslie C) (Second act: Bianca Q)/ Ready Tweet Go: Geovanna G, Audrey Carol B, Miguel A, Sherlyn C)
10-01-2021: TGIF:
10-07-2021: Friends Thurs:
10-08-2021: TGIF:
10-14-2021: Friends Thurs: Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored (Camila Cover) (second act)/ Billie Jean Step My step/ Heather Costa first time ready tweet Go/
10-15-2021: TGIF:
10-21-2021: Friends Thurs: Dani D for the ready tweet go/
10-22-2021: TGIF:
10-28-2021: Friends Thurs: More Hearts Than Mine (second act:
10-29-2021: TGIF:
11-04-2021: Friends Thurs: Glitter in the Air (second act:
11-05-2021: TGIF:
11-11-2021: Friends Thurs:
11-12-2021: TGIF:
11-18-2021: Friends Thurs: Break Every Chain (second act:
11-19-2021: TGIF:
11-25-2021: Friends Thurs: Dust in the Wind
11-26-2021: TGIF:
12-02-2021: Friends Thurs: A Whole New World (Duet for the second act: Cammy and Redona)
12-03-2021: TGIF:
12-09-2021: Friends Thurs: Breakaway
12-10-2021: TGIF:
12-16-2021: Friends Thurs: Lovebug (second act: Glenn L, Rolando R, Adrian Romero 2, @edgrxg, Murguia) (spiels: Camila R, Santos, Celeste L, Thea Lopez)
12-17-2021: TGIF:
12-23-2021: Friends Thurs: Gustavo, Camila Redona for the Fan Art time December 2021/ Wadda game: Gustavo R, Tony R, Pamela R and Jonny S/ All star Friends thurs Opening
12-24-2021: TGIF:
12-30-2021: Friends Thurs:
12-31-2021: TGIF:
01-06-2022: Friends Thurs:
01-07-2022: TGIF:
01-13-2022: Friends Thurs:
01-14-2022: TGIF:
01-20-2022: Friends Thurs:
01-21-2022: TGIF:
01-27-2022: Friends Thurs: Natalie for the acoustic song: My future for the second act/ Sarah Perez, Marga for the salsa opening/
01-28-2022: TGIF:
02-03-2022: Friends Thurs: Karelly wins the Wadda Game/ Sammy Tunks didn't participate for the csf week/ Sabrina for the Escape Room Challenge/ Jazzy M for the Second act/
02-04-2022: TGIF:
02-10-2022: Friends Thurs: Make some Noise: Andre Z/ Ready Tweet Go: Marisa K, Pau Pau B, and Marga R.
02-11-2022: TGIF:
02-17-2022: Friends Thurs: Alexa emotionally with her mom on 2018/ Lexa Ramirez for the Second act/ Rubio shares with her friend Marga/ Paola S for the ready Tweet Go/
02-18-2022: TGIF:
02-24-2022: Friends Thurs: We're trying to stay Alive (Alexa E, Marga R, Lou E, Amanda E and Riggins for the second act)
02-25-2022: TGIF: Perfect (second act:
03-03-2022: Friends Thurs: Mo Bamba Challenge with all star Friends thurs gang (offcam part 1,2,3,4,5,6)/ Ready Tweet Go: Amanda E, Xochlit)
03-04-2022: TGIF: Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (Marga Solo for the second act)/
03-10-2022: Friends Thurs: Basketball Challenge/ Gavi For the Facetube/
03-11-2022: TGIF: Hang On, Hang On (Second act:
03-17-2022: Friends Thurs: Ready Tweet Go: Pau B, Kim T, Marga R and Paulette I/ Mystery Room Challenge: Alexa Patricia/
03-18-2022: TGIF: You've Got a Friend (all star opening)
03-24-2022: Friends Thurs: Mamma Knows Best (
03-25-2022: TGIF:
03-31-2022: Friends Thurs: Take Me Home, Country Roads (second act)/ Let's Go (opening act)/
04-01-2022: TGIF:
04-07-2022: Friends Thurs:
04-08-2022: TGIF:
04-14-2022: Friends Thurs:
04-15-2022: TGIF:
04-21-2022: Friends Thurs: Simon Says (opening act)
04-22-2022: TGIF:
04-28-2022: Friends Thurs: Make some noise Alma Alejandra/ It's all coming back now (Estefania F, Marga R) / Dani G ready tweet go/
04-29-2022: TGIF:
05-05-2022: Friends Thurs:
05-06-2022: TGIF:
05-12-2022: Friends Thurs: Hopelessly Devoted to You (second act: Karzali F)
05-13-2022: TGIF:
05-19-2022: Friends Thurs: Marga's 22 birthday production/ Behind the Scenes on Marga's 22nd birthday (with Brenda A, Beverly G, Armas Gabby, Cesar A, Rolando R, Brandon F)
05-20-2022: TGIF:
05-26-2022: Friends Thurs: Gettin' Jiggy wit It (opening prod: Kiyana T, Jessica May and Cinthia B)
05-27-2022: TGIF:
06-02-2022: Friends Thurs: Love Runs Out (Rolando x Camila for the second act)
06-03-2022: TGIF: Survivor Shoutout reviews
06-09-2022: Friends Thurs Survivor: Serpent Turf Teams/ Team Python wins the Challenge (Team Phyton: Margarita "Marga" Redona, Sebas G, Bri Villarreal, Samantha G, Azul A, Ivana V, Rolando R, and Itzel E)
06-10-2022: TGIF: Final Results for the Survival!
06-16-2022: Friends Thurs: Abbey wadda game/ Andrea Cruz for The mystery room challenge/
06-17-2022: TGIF: Baby Shark TikTok Challenge: Inez A, Micaela May, Celeste L and Marga R.
06-23-2022: Friends Thurs: Stephanie C canta Rare (2nd act)/
06-24-2022: TGIF:
06-30-2022: Friends Thurs: Girlfriend Dance Performance: Marga R, Kim T.
07-01-2022: TGIF: Make some noise for Wednesday Dreamers: Shelby Wells!
07-07-2022: Friends Thurs: Yeah 3x (Alma Alejandra and Camila R for the second act)/
07-08-2022: TGIF:
07-14-2022: Friends Thurs: Wild Thoughts (Second Act)/
07-15-2022: TGIF:
07-21-2022: Friends Thurs: You'll find a Way" (Switch & Sinden remix)—Santigold (Opening Prod: Sal S, Rolando R, Marga R)
07-22-2022: TGIF: Make some noise Marley Rose from Wednesday Dreamers!/ Summer Break Quiz with Pau Pau I, G Sanchez, Fabian S, Kian R.
07-28-2022: Friends Thurs: Danelly for the Wadda game/ Pau Pau I for Ready Tweet Go!
07-29-2022: TGIF: Elinor Wonders Why Act/
08-04-2022: Friends Thurs: Trinity Nico for the second act/ Elizabeth E for the fan art segment/ Jhassy joins the friends thurs gang/
08-05-2022: TGIF:
08-11-2022: Friends Thurs: How many times (Marga, Mariana M, and Bella Q for the second act)
08-12-2022: TGIF:
08-18-2022: Friends Thurs: Marga shares her abs for her fitness / Step my Step: I'm the one
08-19-2022: TGIF: Make some noise from Tuesdelicious Bella G and Friends Thurs Valerie Reyes, and Sebastian G!
08-25-2022: Friends Thurs: Castle On The Hill Step My Step/ Dianna G joins the Friends Thurs Club/
08-26-2022: TGIF:
09-01-2022: Friends Thurs: Mariel Rose, Marga R, Rolando R, Ana Gomez Celeste L, Reanna H and other girls for the Filipina Girl performance (spiels for the second act: Torres, Robby E, Kassie I, Diana Pena, and Odette G)
09-02-2022: TGIF:
09-08-2022: Friends Thurs:
09-09-2022: TGIF:
09-15-2022: Friends Thurs:
09-16-2022: TGIF:
09-22-2022: Friends Thurs:
09-23-2022: TGIF:
09-29-2022: Friends Thurs:
09-30-2022: TGIF:
10-06-2022: Friends Thurs:
10-07-2022: TGIF:
10-13-2022: Friends Thurs: Gabby C, Marga R, Bday Girl Paulina Z singing Mariah Carey's Song: Fantasy/Wadda Challenge: Paulina R, Mariella P, Ceydey J and Ashley R/
10-14-2022: TGIF:
10-20-2022: Friends Thurs: Michael Jackson Medley Dance Performance (Marga R, Gabby P, Jasel R, Kimberly S, and Nadia R)
10-21-2022: TGIF:
10-27-2022: Friends Thurs:
10-28-2022: TGIF:
11-03-2022: Friends Thurs:
11-04-2022: TGIF:
11-10-2022: Friends Thurs:
11-11-2022: TGIF:
04-13-2023: Friends Thurs: Make some noise Jonny S!!

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