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2020-07-15 13:33:42 (UTC)

Torres x Maris Part 1:

From 12-05-2016 thru 12-15-2017:

12-05-2016: After drunk:
Torres: Katerina, Katherine!
Katerina: (vomits)
Torres: You okay?
Katerina: Yeah of course.
Torres: Thanks. If you have anything questions ask me.
Katerina: Umm I am good
Torres: Enjoy the XV.
Katerina: Thanks.
01-04-2017: Katerina is filing the Weekend sheets:
Katerina: (writes in the journal about my winter break weekend paragraph)
Torres: Kate! Want Cinnamon Rolls?
Kate: Sure!
08-14-2017: Yuli's:
Katerina: Andi!
Andrea F: Hey Katerina! Umm I haven't seen you for a while on the event party.
Katerina: Okay. Umm I have not seen you for the while too!
Yulianna: Thanks for the invitation! Umm there's photos if you want.
Torres: Katerina, I love your outfit!
Katerina: Thank you!
Emiliano: Katerina, where's your sister?
Katerina: Umm she's not invited, because she got the injury with her knee.
Emi: Okay.
Torres: Do you know him?
Katerina: No. (gets my drink)
Jose: Thank u for the phone call earlier!
Katerina: Appreciate it!
10-16-2017: Halloween Spooky:
Rolando: This place looks nice Dani.
Dani: Wow! (looks at the pumpkins) Is this for the photoshooting?
Gigi: Umm Dani, do not scare the pumpkins.
Dani: Gigi, It's fine.
Torres: Are these pumpkins cute?
Dani: Yeah.
10-29-2017: I just fucked up with my ex:
At Emiliano S 9 House: Everyone is enjoying the party:
Emiliano S: Alexa? Is that you?
Alexa: Yeah, that's me. (kisses your cheek)
Emiliano S: Hey Alex (kisses you cheek back)
Torres: Just get a few drinks and food if you needed.
Alexa: Okay sure! (gets a plate, gets some nachos and carne asada fries) (sits in the chair, eats carne asada fries and nachos) I think they're good!
Torres: Just enjoy the party.
Alexa: Okay. (texts Esteban: Sorry No!)
Jesus L: Who is that guy?
Alexa: Esteban?
Jesus L: Don't text him, ignore him now.
Alexa: Alright.
Emiliano S: Want blue moon?
Alexa: Sure.
Emiliano S: Here you go!
Alexa: Thanks. (drinks Blue moon)
Torres: I think that's enough drinking beer alot.
Alexa: No, I am good!
11-07-2017: Torres House:
(Torres swimming alone)
Alexa: What are you doing?
Torres: I am pouring the beer over.
Alexa: (dips in the beer pool, screaming and drowning)
Torres Mom: Jorge, what are you gonna pour beer in your pool, get rid of it!
Torres Father: Alex, I'll get some of the medical supplies.
Alex: Just put me down!
Sergio: Bro, (chuckles) Good work!
Pau T: Alexa, just get out on the pool, and dry your hair if you can finish!
(Alex gets out in the beer pool, and drys her hair with the beach towel)
Alexa: Get nasty Jorge! (throws the beach towel at you)
11-09-2017: Esteban last love:
Esteban: Alex.
Alex: What?
Torres: Ignored him.
Alex: Yeah.
11-13-2017: Tuxedo:
Torres: Princess Alexa.
Alexa: (drinks strawberry milk) Just need to be in love
11-30-2017: Esteban apologize to Alexa:
Torres: Alexa, just breathe!
Alexa: (breathes heavily) What? I am your amigo.
Torres: Of course!
Esteban: Alexa I'm sorry!
(Alexa began to slap Esteban on the face)
12-05-2017: Bullying Alexa:
(Alexa crying in the bathroom)
(Torres knocking on the door)
Torres: Alexa! (opens the door)
(Alexa vomits in the toilet)
Torres: Alexa, what happened? What's wrong?
(Fawn, Katie and Alexa father just stared at Alexa and Torres)
Alexa Father: Sweetheart, is everything okay?
Alexa: (llorar) Esteban bullying me in the bus for the bus trip!
Torres: I think Karla just kissed Rolando
Katie: No. Torres, you kissed me first
Torres: (puts my hands up) Okay.
Fawn: Okay Alexa, just give the cough drop.
Torres: Okay. (opens the cabinet, and gets the cough drop, and feeds Alexa) It's hot.
Alexa: Yeah I know
Katie: I think I just gonna go to the basement
(Katie exits)
12-13-2017: Fuera Esteban:
(Alexa's House: Patio)
Jesus: (gets the fire match, and burns the Esteban picture)
Alexa: So stupid about my old boyfriend just crashed my car last night when I was in shopping with my mom.
Jorge T: Don't worry Alex, It's just the burning stuff.
Jan: Alexa, wanna go for the study at library?
Alexa: Yeah of course.
12-15-2017: Rolando kissed me last night:
Torres: I thought you kissed him at 1st period.
Alexa: Yeah I wanted. (Gets my cigarette)
Torres: Just drop the cigar down.
(Alexa just drop the cigarette in the dirt)
Rolando: We need to get rid of Alex.
Torres: No.
(Part 2)