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2020-07-14 20:57:24 (UTC)

Sara x Violeta Part 1:

Sara = Bully
Violeta = Victim

The Morales Sisters:
05-27-2020: Sara just dumped Violeta in the trash can:
Young German: Violet! What did you do Sara?
Young Sara: German, just leave me alone!
Young German: (gets rid of Violeta in the trash can, and unwraps the Trash bag) Violet, you okay?
Young Violeta: (crying) Yeah.
Young Brisa: Don't worry Violet, I'll clean it up and take some of your shower just for you.
Young Violeta: Thanks Brisa, I have to go home first
Young Matias: My name is Matias, what's yours?
Young Violeta: Violeta. But you can call me Vio.
Young Matias: Cool name.
Young Violeta: Thank you. (pulls the apple out of my hair)
Young Mauricio: I think we can survive to Violeta.
Young Violeta: Well thanks Mauricio, but I have to go.
07-14-2020: Belongings:
(Sara just finished her Writing prompt)
Ms Esmeralda: Okay, Sara is done.
(Violeta just finished her Writing prompt)
Ms Esmeralda: Violeta completely her work, good job.
Nina: Umm can we hang out for the lunch?
Sara: Umm sure.
Betty: But not even her.
Mauricio: Can you please stop chatting to the evil girl?
Sara: Well there you go Mau. I have not talked to you too much, because Violeta is a stalker. (takes the cigarette in Violet's bag)
(Violeta opens her bag, and saws the cigarette that Sara did)
Violeta: Ms Esmeralda?
Ms Esmeralda: Yes Vio?
Violeta: Sara just stole my cigarette.
Ms Esmeralda: Sara, there is no smoking and cigarette in this classroom, because of the school rules.
Brisa: It was Violeta's bag?
Ms Esmeralda: Sara, go to the principal's office now!
(Sara just went to the principal's office)
07-30-2020: Violeta is a spoiled brat:
Christine: Violet, we're just finished the Lab Test, is it fun right?
Violeta: Yeah I think so. (puts on the velour lip pencil)
Brisa: We have to do pur study room after school?
Christine: Well Brisa, I guess you are super cool for your pictures.
Brisa: Thanks.
(Sara just throw the Iced coffee at Violeta)
Christine and Brisa: (shocking)
Violeta: My Sweater! I will tell my mom you spoiled brat!
(Violeta takes my bag, and she exit)
Christine and Brisa: Vio!