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2020-07-14 17:09:39 (UTC)

Going to reach out

I have decided that I will send a message to Linda tomorrow to request that we meet up this Friday or Sunday. I am not available on Saturday and she is quite busy during the week and moreover I will be busy as well as I have a certification exam on Friday.
The reason why I decided to reach out to her is because I have had time to reflect and collect my thoughts. It is obvious to me now that she has set her stall and isn’t going to reach out. As a man and at this age I expect to give a relationship I care about a chance to survive. So that is my intention. Give the relationship a chance to survive and set the guiding principles going forward. Hopefully this will happen, and if it doesn’t happen at least I leave with a clear conscience of closure.
What will be my ideal outcome? My ideal outcome is that both parties will recognize the fault lines in the relationship and take on the responsibilities as we redefine our guiding principles going forward.
I don’t expect to go back and live with her at least not immediately but I think living apart on a long term basis will not be good for the relationship and I don’t think it will be wise for us to buy a house together and move in before trying to live together again and see if it is something that will work long term.
I will update you. Wish me luck.