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2020-07-14 12:58:54 (UTC)

Tuesday Storms

Sever storms today

Indio was being his usual mad at me self
He went to game, said an hour at 730, he tried calling a little after 9:15 and I was asleep
So sent me 2 messages,
“Tried calling, hope you have a good night, I’m off to bed”
So when I woke at 1am, told him I had fallen asleep, he knew I was tired at 630 when we talked and he doesn’t have to say I love you to me anymore. He’s not wearing the ring I bought him anyway. I get it.
But he’s going to be just like everyone else....
Like this morning, tried saying me falling asleep and not saying anything or saying I love you is no different than what he did.
I explain I didn’t know I was going to fall asleep. I do have narcolepsy. So yeah, there is a difference.
He doesn’t say I love you when he’s “bothered” with me as he puts it. I say he’s mad, he said no, he’s “bothered” like that’s better?

I got the new starter for the rider, put it on, damn thing still isn’t starting.

So, yeah, talked to my ex, Limp, and he’s going to find me a new rider. Probably another POS like this one he gave me 4 years ago.
I can’t keep trying to push mow, it’s going to kill me. Literally.

I’m in a situation. No money for food, no money for my bills, I’m stressed to the hilt.

I’m seriously praying the judge will see my disabilities and grant me the disability. I’ve been applying since 1999 and have gotten worse, and the doctors state I will get worse as I get older. I turn 50 in a few months. He’s going to review over the recent information and even if I have one of the lists, I will be approved. I know for fact I have more than one. I had to go on medical leave over a year ago because the surgeries screwed me up in some aspects and I have little strength in my right side. 3 years of therapy, pool therapy, occupational therapy, and I forgot the third one I went through and they stopped it because I wasn’t getting better, was getting worse. And never cleared me to go back to work.

(Deep sigh)

DD3, we have tornado weather today, so will call you tomorrow. Yes, I will call you. Today is risky because of the lighting and such.

So, will be another sleep all day. Better than hitting the liquor store. Or SH ing.

Till later....
State of Survival is calling me, we have Trap in 10 minutes. I missed them all last week.