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me and my life
2020-07-14 09:17:42 (UTC)

Will it ever change?

I'm 30 yrs old, but the situation at home is same. Abusive father who just spread hateed, living like a stranger in owns house that too for 30 yrs is very sick feeling. It's like living in jail. Listening gis mean comments, his unfairness, his abuses to mom and us is beyond tolerance sometimes. Today also he argued, he send me to chemist for his tablets his is addicted to sleeping pills. Why us he a gods favorite child??
Will this ever change??
Why is everything is in his favor?? Why ❓
I donno what is future, how is it going to end? What will happen to mom after i get married? Am I even going to get married? Omg I guess situation is worst than what think it is.
God why u not helping?