Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-07-14 04:39:01 (UTC)


I recently reconnected with a lady whose loved me like her daughter more than my own mother. I had backed away from her because I felt she used me by borrowings money when I was a teenager and not paying me back, as an adult she opened up credit cards in my name and although she paid them off I didn’t think it was right resulting in me no longer wanting her in my life. It has been over 7 years or more and I recently contacted her to see how she was doing because I’ve missed her and have always loved her. I found out she’s been sickly resulting in leg amputation and she’s going to have surgery on both her eyes. I was sad hearing about her medical condition. We have recently started back communicating again I’m even going to go and see her to have lunch or dinner. She still calls me her daughter and tells me she loves me and will always love me, like I’ve told her. I want us to stay in contact more and hope it works out for us because I’ve truly missed her.