from my heart
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2020-07-13 23:13:14 (UTC)

stop trying to be mediocre

12:13 am

feeling upset currently yet im too lazy to be bothered by this feeling. or maybe i am because im writing about the fact that im feeling upset. its not a big deal but my mom came into my room and she got mad .. i wish i could move out lol

i hope i can be rich and that i can have enough money. i dont see why people want to put their goals at such a low place. if that makes sense. im dont want to feel mediocre anymore. i want to reach the best out of everything that i do.

people say to think more realistically and to stop dreaming but i find that really sad and dumb. i think these days we're too scared to have big goals and dreams because we dont want to fail. but if you give up before you even start, then what is the point? we dont want to make mistakes so we try our best to avoid it. we dont do what we want because we are too scared and scared of regretting only to regret it later on that you never gave it a try.

theres a quote that says "smile while you still have teeth" and i think that its a really nice quote. run while you still have legs. enjoy everything you can while you can.