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2020-07-14 00:00:25 (UTC)



Had my SS hearing today
They are waiting for more paperwork from my doctors
I am praying I am approved
First filed in June 1999
This is my third time around

I slept almost all day yesterday
I did not SH
Ended up sleeping it off

Other than that, don’t have much to say

Woke up to another shitty message from DewDrop
Sent me a photo saying “ain’t this guy sexy”
“Did you dream of me last night”
“I see you”
“I know you still sleep in my jacket to keep me close to your heart......what do I have to do or say?
Beg you?…ok, I’m begging!!!!”

Flipping moron. 4 months. Everyday it’s something. Always 10pm to 3am

And he thinks these head games will get me to come back? He is dummer than I thought.

I’m off to bed for the night.